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If the qualitative content that you serve the audience is the main dish, then SEO is a spice for this dish. It makes the dish brighter, supplements it with an exquisite aroma and gives a unique taste. However, the spices by themselves are not appetizing.

Many content managers and SEO-optimizers in the past created content only for the purpose of obtaining backlinks.

However, this approach is fundamentally wrong.

Even if you have 500 blogs – if nobody wants to read them, there will not be much benefit from them.

SEO refers to search the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it via search engines as Yandex or Google.

First of all, you have to define your ultimate goals.

Why do you create posts? To attract visitors or to make sales? You may ask yourself whether your site is SEO friendly?

Google is a battlefield for SEO-makers. And only those who manage to adapt to the changes and follow established rules become competent specialists.

In addition to ensuring that the text on the site answers questions that potential clients may ask, you also need to ensure that you use keywords that will attract the targeted visitors to the site.

SEO optimization is impossible without writing contents for the site. When you start doing this, you should know that there are a lot of details that you have to keep in mind.

What do you mean by content writing, you may think.

It’s a special kind of art, combining sets of keywords and relevant text. It’s difficult. But the art of writing SEO-friendly titles for search engines is technically less complicated than many people think.

It is really useful and an important task when you are trying to set up your business.

To say more you can try different services for writing such content but you should always take into account the specifics of country or region where your business can be located.

For example, setting a business in Africa is rather different that setting one in the UK.

Don`t forget to use the correct information about your main business` points.

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Write naturally.

When you try to write text optimized for SEO, you really should not think about it at all.

When developing a useful and informative site, create pages with a clear and precise description of the chosen topic.

While studying guidelines, think of words users will enter to find your site, and insert these words in the text you are writing.

Your task is to write the best text you can, instead of thinking of how to write SEO-friendly content.

Such text will increase the read time, reduce the bounce rate, and almost certainly have a positive effect on the number of shares that you’ll get.

All this sends positive signals to Google that your site is legitimate, not spam or fraudulent.

Developing tempting headlines.

There is a certain balance between the art of writing SEO texts and attractive texts to potential readers.

Neglecting one at the expense of another is a bad choice.

And here’s how powerful the creation of an excellent article or post title can be, even though it does not have much value for SEO promotion.

The original name “How to Start and Optimize Your First YouTube Campaign” is clearly better for SEO. But, given that your goal is to attract more traffic, it’s worth remembering that in this case the title “What I learned after wasting $ 50,000 on YouTube” might be the best answer.

Avoid keyword stuffing.

The meaning of “keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of overloading a webpage with keywords or numbers to manipulate the ranking of a site in Google search results.

Often these words appear in the list, group or out of context (in the side menu, for example). Such overflow of pages leads to the negative experience of users and can do harm to the site rankings.

But, if you do not use a sufficient number of keywords, how will the search engines indicate what the page is about?

In the past, a keyword density of about 4% was recommended as a signal for Google, which is what the page is about. However, in 2017, most experts deny the importance of keyword density.

The correct keyword density is a changing value.

Check, verify and check again.

Registration and verification of the site status through Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Center is a quick and easy way to tell the search engine about the appearance of your site.

There is also bad news: as it’s easy to declare your site to search engines, everyone does it. This means that you will not get great results, but without doing this, you can lose some of the benefits. Therefore, it’s better to be safe and just do it!

And be sure to consider all these tips when creating a content strategy.

Competently combine SEO and SMM, and then your quality, optimized, and distributed content will pay off again and again.