Running a business already has a lot of aspects to consider such as reducing running costs, standing out to the competitors and having a good reputation.

You will forever find yourself trying to think of new ways that your business can achieve this and have regular meetings about any plans of action.

A really easy way to achieve all these is to think about becoming environmentally friendly.

Have a look at some of the easy ways that you can make your business eco-friendly.

1. Lighting

Lighting can become a really expensive running cost for a business, especially as they grow and require more and more office space.

Not to mention needing to adhere to health and safety working environments and looking after peoples overall health in the workplace (some people require special lighting).

Although switching to LED or CFL bulbs can seem more costly to begin with you will find that they are not only better for the environment they will ultimately save your business costs in the long run.

2. Update Old Technology

Have an office full of old tech that you just don’t want to part with because one, it’s reliable and is still running fine and two, it could be costly to replace technology in the work-place.

However, it’s useful to know that by replacing your old technology with new you are often helping the environment and lowering your essential running costs such as your electricity consumption as the majority of new tech has an excellent energy performance to match its capabilities.

So not only are you improving your work environment you are also saving yourself money.

3. Recycling

Recycling has fast become something that most people take part in and it is now becoming more and more used with businesses worldwide. Why wouldn’t you want to take part?

It can be as simple as having an extra bin in the workplace for recyclable materials such as glass, cardboard, paper, and food waste.

If you use tools such as cardboard balers you are not only able to store more before needing a collect but you are also helping to the environment and cutting long term costs. It can really help with your annual budget to look into this option.  

4. Green power

Have a think about where you receive your power from as a business. A really good way to stand out from the crowd and to become eco-friendly at the same time is to look into your source of power.

By this we mean think about using a company that can provide you with green power.

Green energy is where the energy provided has been sourced from methods such as wind turbines or solar panels.

Now it’s best to bear in mind that by opting to use green energy you may see an increase in your electricity costs as an overall. But the advantages of standing out from the competition and becoming an environmentally friendly business to shout about.

Do you have any other ways that you can easily make a business eco-friendly?

Stock Photo from 4 PM production @ Shutterstock