14 Amazing Business and Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, a great inventor of his times, was never given due credits for his inventions that he very much deserved. He had a turbulent life with many ups and downs. Most of the modern day technologies can be attributed to him. 

One of his greatest inventions was of Alternating Current (AC), and many others followed. He invented the Tesla Coil which was a major breakthrough.

The Tesla Turbine was also one of his major but last inventions. Though other great inventors of his time inspired him in his work, eventually they affected his life negatively. He was an intelligent engineer and scientist who is revered by many.

The technology entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk even named his company after him, Tesla Motors.

Just like most of the great minds had to face, Nikola Tesla’s claims on various occasions were considered by the people as out of the place or outlandish. One of his claims of a wireless communication viz. internet was thought to be weird. 

During his inventing and experimenting days Tesla had to undergo various kinds of criticism and negative reviews which were discouraging. Later, he went on to share the invaluable lessons that life taught him on his journey.

Here are some of the excerpts of his views on life, business and success:

Life and Business Lessons from Nikola Tesla

1. Focus on your work.

Though his ideas were stolen or claimed to be not his, Tesla never bothered about it. He continued to do his work relentlessly rather than trying to prove himself to the world.

If everyone in this world did things to keep oneself happy instead of worrying about what others are doing, this world would be a better place to live.

2. Introspection clears your vision.

Reflecting on various aspects of your life from time to time brings you closer to your inner self. It will help you in being yourself and understanding what you exactly want from life.

Spare some time to know your strengths and weakness so that you can be clear about your expectations from life. This will support you in working towards achieving it.

3. Ahead and alone is fine.

Your ideas may not be accepted by people easily. They may even discourage you from going ahead with your work and mock at you for doing it.

All this can make you feel hopeless and prompt you to give up what you are doing.

4. Embrace rejection.

Tesla advises that original creators and thinkers do not mind rejection. Everyone has their own pace, and there could be times when you feel all alone in your pursuit.

Be proud of your ability, dreams and don’t give up.

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5. Serving a purposeful life.

Nikola Tesla had great dreams and always worked towards the betterment of his fellow beings.

He was aware of the depleting earth’s resources which made him strive to create methods of using non-fossil and renewable fuels. 

6. Don’t worry about money.

He wasn’t keen about monetary gains. Due to the shortage of funds, he was not able to do all that he wanted to.

He even had rich and famous friends but was lonely in his financial struggle. He served mankind by dedicating his life to his inventions.

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7. Do not be afraid to work hard.

Hard work is the secret of every success. This is what Tesla believed in.

Right from a young age, Tesla worked very hard and finally started his own company. He used to be absorbed in his work in the lab most of the time. 

8. Work hard in adverse situations.

Once, his lab was burnt down to dust, but he composed himself and strived ahead in his journey.

You need to move ahead in life by devoting yourself to hard work and perseverance. The result of hard work may not always be what you desired, but that should not stop you from doing it.

All the great entrepreneurs and business leaders had this highly focused hard working attitude which you must also adopt into your life.

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9. Have faith in making the impossible, possible.

Always be committed to your beliefs. Merely having a wish to be successful is not enough, you need to have a strong belief in it too.

You need to dream big which may seem impossible to others. They may even think you are out of your mind, but that should not deter you from the right path.

10. Believe in yourself.

If everyone thinks the same way, then there would not be any big achievements in the world.

Your dreams may seem impossible or out of place right now, but if you believe in them strongly, they will be realized.

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11. Always push yourself to do better.

Other than his major inventions, Nikola Tesla had introduced the masses to the world’s first remote-controlled boat as well as robotics.

His inventions seemed impossible and out of place during his lifetime, but today most of the major technologies in the world are based on Tesla’s design and technology.

12. Follow your passion.

As a child, Tesla was always interested in science and physics. During his growing up years, he experimented and studied more on electricity, engineering, and technology.

His passion for the subject led him to the various successful inventions. 

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13. Don’t give up.

Most of the people are not passionate about their dreams and goals. They give up their pursuit in the event of adversities.

If your work is your passion, then no adversity can stop you from achieving your goal.

14. Continuous improvement.

Tesla had invented one of the most useful things in the world, but it did not happen easily.

There were many failed attempts before achieving the success, and some of the inventions never saw the light of the day.

According to Nikola Tesla, it is common for people to fail in the initial stages of their work. Especially when an individual is trying to achieve something which is beyond his comfort zone.

The key is to overlook the failure and find new means of improvement.

Fundamentally a failure can be dealt in three ways:

  • Choose to give up and quit. This the quickest way to get out of a problem.
  • Repeat the process. This will again give you the same result that is a failure.
  • Improve and do it again. 

Your first business may have been a failure, but as long as you are ready to learn and improve, you need not worry.

Your knowledge about a business will increase as well as widen your perspective. This can serve as a cushioning for your next venture, and you will be able to manage your business in a better way.

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