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We are so surrounded by digital communication that public speaking may seem like a relic of the past.

But, for several strong reasons, we beg to differ. No amount of tech marvels can make up for lack of good oratory skills. It’s safe to say they are as essential as ever.

How we go about in-person and live interaction shapes business outcomes. It determines whether we are able to make connections and influence other people.

Yes, we know the arena of public speaking is one of the most dreaded places. You alone are in the spotlight and each word is held to scrutiny. The good news is there are reliable ways to practice oratory and achieve mastery.

Here is why you need to consider going down this path.

1. Projecting Influence

How you say things can be sometimes more important than what you say.

Namely, the art of oratory is at the very core of persuasions skills. It allows you to relate to the crowd better and sway it with words. You do so by using convincing language and unlocking the power of empathy.

With ample practice, making an impression becomes easy inside and outside the workplace. You deliver killer sales pitches to clients and dazzle at business lunches.

These are great ways to establish yourself as a trusted partner and industry expert.

2. Motivating and Inspiring Others

Speaking in a collected and assertive manner is incredibly powerful.  

It helps you awaken curiosity and interest wherever you go. Your motivation and passion emanate outwards, becoming contagious for people listening to you. They connect with what you’re saying instead of just registering it.

Hence, when you grab the attention you can retain it as long as you want. This ability lets you rally the troops and lead the spirited charge toward your goals.

3. Enhancing Your Career

Accomplished speakers are highly valued across industry sectors.

Their interaction with others tends to form lasting bonds of trust. As a result, these gifted orators are highly conductive to the success of their organizations.

Oratory is also a component of high-level leadership. Indeed, business champions of today can’t do without oratory know-how.  

Having a way with words enables them to ooze an aura of credibility. With this weapon in the arsenal, you can supercharge your career growth too.

4. Sharing Knowledge and Information

Being knowledgeable about the subject is still of paramount importance.

Here, oratory command acts as a facilitator: it aids in getting your messages across.  

With clear and compelling communication, you make sure nobody misunderstands you. You present ideas in an easy-to-digest way, warding off any confusion and ambiguity.

If one plays the cards right, it’s possible to throw in some fun without seeming unprofessional. This kind of public speaking makes messages sink in and stick with people long after you finish.

5. Spurring Personal Development

Speaking in front of an audience is a common type of fear called glossophobia.

The best way to beat it is to face it head-on. After a few trials, you build up your confidence and learn to tame the nerves. You no longer shy away from challenges and start feeling comfortable around people.

Oratory aptitude encourages you to seize any opportunity to promote yourself or your company. In the process, you’re likely to become more knowledge and a strong critical thinker.

These qualities are bound to serve you well in professional and personal life.

Time to Put Oratory Skills to Good Use

In this day and age, oratory competence can carry you far.

It’s a business superpower that radiates positive influence and spreads knowledge. We didn’t even have to mention historical weight as one of the reasons for its importance.

So, for all the contemporary reasons, hone your oratory skills. Your efforts will pay rich dividends in the long run. Never again will you be tempted to hide behind PowerPoint slides.

In fact, you will hold people in the palm of your hand and set yourself apart as a true leader. Keep reading our blog for more business insights and hacks.

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