3 Outstanding Productivity Secrets of Sports Champions

3 Outstanding Productivity Secrets of Sports Champions

This is a guest post by Jake Lester.

Greatness is a quality that normally lies within all of us. However, not many are aware of this fact and the traits that make a person exceptional might just be sitting on them without any use.

The difference between ordinary sportsmen and sports champions lies in the power to realize that they have unlimited potential within them. A competitive spirit coupled with an unquenchable desire to become victorious is one of the greatest products of sports champions not doubting their abilities.

So the question is raised, what are some of these qualities that true champions discover lying within them? What are some of the things that make them propel to the greatest heights and maintain their stay at the peak? As we have alluded to before, each one of us has such traits in his/her possession, we just don’t know how to tap into them.

This article will shed some good light on some of the secrets that great sports champions have incorporated in their daily lives to make them successful.

They Compete With Themselves and Not Others

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One of the long-standing recipes to make a masterpiece out of yourself in anything that you set out to do is realizing that you are your biggest opponent. This is one of the traits that great sports champions discover as they start off their career in sports and it would be of much benefit to you too.

Ensuring that you are putting an endless effort in your training in order to wind up better than your opponent is a strategy most people have adopted over the years.

As valid as this game plan could sound, it is unfortunately bound to be detrimental to your progress in the long run.

This is one of the sectors that champions take advantage of by always striving to be the best version of themselves and working towards beating their previous records. It might sound absurd to many, but in truth, this principle works wonders.

The reason behind it is that it keeps your mind focused on your training. Thus saving you a lot of time that could be wasted on getting mad at other people and depositing volumes of disappointment and discouragement on yourself.

Some friendly competition is not bad in your training ground. It can, in fact, assist in improving your productivity to higher degrees.

True sports champions use the progress of others to motivate them into pushing themselves harder and improving their own numbers. At no point, however, do they let it get into their heads by making it their life’s mission to get blinded by competition to an extent of being barred from seeing their own goals.

In a nutshell, great sports champions concentrate on their own performance’s improvement rather than beating another person’s achievements. This enables them to have a more vivid focus on the tasks at hand, thus, ultimately boosting them into performing better.

They Are Not Afraid to Try

One of the most valuable secrets that great sportsmen hold dear to themselves is the art of not allowing fear to stop them from trying what they would like to achieve.

One of the greatest sportsmen in the field of hockey reinforced the reality of this secret by stating this: If a person is afraid of taking any shots, it means that he/she has missed them 100%.

This is to echo the vital fact that failing to try because of fear will end up earning you nothing in the long run. You will have already failed, even prior to beginning.

Failing should be viewed as a mere detour but not a brick wall that will halt your progress in case your paths cross.

These detours should be embraced. Even though they will destabilize your productivity on a temporary basis, in the long run, they will end up forging a refined product out of you.

This applies especially to a scenario where your other alternative would have been shying away from taking any trials at all. Take this lesson from great sports champions and you will be on your way to cruising to great heights of achievement.

They Understand That They Cannot Improve What They Do Not Measure

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True sports champions have an avid respect for tracking down and evaluating their performances. This is because, without a measure of how you are performing, then you have no standard benchmark with which you can gauge your improvement or detriment.

Great sports champions have the tendency of facing the cold hard facts that statistics of their daily performances have to offer to them.

They then take hold of these statistics and compare them to the previous results of their productivity. This helps in the analysis of the direction that their efforts are taking. Thus, dictating on the things that they should continue doing and those that they should get rid of.

You could borrow a leaf from this organized use of statistics on your performances to even further improve yourself in your sports life.

Take detailed records of your productivity and compare with your previous productivity results. Set a goal of making the graph of your achievements to continuously go only upwards.


Sports champions are one of the key figures in society as they represent many levels of success for them and their countries. As well taking the position of role models for a myriad of people looking up to them.

The great heights that most of them have reached were not due to sudden fluke or mere luck. Often times, it called for some strategies that they incorporated behind the scenes.

Their success can be pinpointed to a few major qualities and secrets, which were used to get them to the peak. Also, they assisted them to remain at such levels for many years. Just as the offers in betting sites such as OddsDigger have continued to be the best among its contemporaries.

This article above has taken a dive into three of the most vital principles that most of the sports champions use to govern themselves and hold responsible for their victories. We hope that they inspire you in your sports career to become a great sports champion in the near future.

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Becoming an Online Merchant: 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Product to Sell

Becoming an Online Merchant: 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Product to Sell

E-commerce is a booming industry and will only continue to grow in the coming years. That’s why it’s not so surprising that there are plenty of people who want even just a small slice of the proverbial pie.

But whether or not you are looking to establish a full-blown online store or would simply want to supplement your income by buying and selling items on the side, you have to pick a product to sell that would, well, sell.

With the right marketing strategy, one can argue that anything and everything can be sold online. However, the real challenge is finding a product that is conducive to success. How do you find that product? Here are a few pointers.

Finding The Ideal Product to Sell

1. Target Hobbyists and Collectors

You’ll be surprised by just how much money hobbyists and collectors are willing to spend to fuel their passions.

If you have a knack for finding rare items, you’ll be a big hit with collectors. Whether they’re interested in action figures and toys, lapel pins, first edition books, stickers, sports cards, or even antique dinnerware. Just make sure that everything is legitimate.

Meanwhile, there is no shortage of hobbies on which people willingly invest their time and money.

Some of the more popular ones include biking, fishing, knitting and crocheting, calligraphy, model building (including radio-controlled vehicles), and handicrafts. Look for a leisure pursuit where you can act as the product-based solution and you’ll easily enamor yourself to these customers.

2. Something Hard to Find or Can’t be Bought Locally

There are some things that can be easily found in a local grocery store or a specialty shop — say gardening or baking supplies. But what about specialty foods, magician’s accessories, eco-friendly products, and fandom items?

Most likely, people will go online to find these. You can enlist the help of Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool to get a glimpse of what kinds of products people are searching for online and use the results as a guide to pick a niche product to sell.

You can also try to sell products that can’t be bought or difficult to procure locally, like Japanese Kitkats, the “three-story” alfajor Oreos, or Asian beauty products. The latter, in particular, is a good place to start since a lot of products are only available in select countries or regions but are available through wholesale Asian cosmetics websites. Do the hard work of sourcing these products (and offer them at reasonable prices) and see just how much your customers will love you.

3. Star with The Accessories Before The Big-Ticket Items

When people buy big-ticket items such as 4K TVs, high-end smartphones, and gaming laptops, they buy them only once. Their next purchase of these kinds of products will probably be in the next two to three years.

These are big investments, after all, and people are much more reluctant to spend huge amounts so often. However, accessories are much more common purchases and people are relatively more agreeable to spending more often on these items. Especially when they’re meant to increase the performance or ensure the longer life of the bigger product.

Think about HDMI cables and switchers for TVs, charging cables and power banks as well as cases and protectors for smartphones, and gaming accessories like a mouse, a keyboard, and a good pair of headphones.

If you already sell the big-ticket items, then it’s a wise decision to add the accessories to your online catalog. If you’ve yet to choose what to sell on your online shop and/or you have a limited capital, you should consider selling these kinds of accessories first.

4. Consumables Mean Customers That Keep Coming Back

Consumables mean that you will have a steady customer base and a rather reliable revenue stream. What’s more, when people need to order products from you regularly, it’s much easier to build a loyal customer base.

Think about specialty cooking ingredients (Himalayan pink salt, anyone?), supplies for arts and crafts, and even cosmetics. Just make sure you’re able to deliver each and every time, since you don’t know when your customers will run out of their stock or order in bulk in advance.

Of course, choosing which product to sell is just one part of a thriving online business, since you should also take into consideration the demand, potential competition, and reliable suppliers, among others. However, it’s also undeniable that finding a saleable item is a huge contributor to your business success. Good luck on your journey as an online entrepreneur!

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