We tend to lose direction every now and then. To stay in our heads and play different scenarios for too long. To forget what we have and be sad about what we don’t have.

That’s when you need a reality check – to stop, look around, become aware of your surroundings and see the bigger picture.

Here are a few situations in which we get lost, confused, distracted or unmindful, and what to do to get back to this moment and enjoy the present:

1. Expectations.

Many people expect way too much.

They create their versions of how things should be, how people will react and what’s going to happen. And life – being an adventure full of surprises – has a natural flow of events, which rarely meets people’s expectations that are often too big.

And that leads to disappointment.

People stop enjoying the present moment, ruin relationships, become negative and full of regrets and misery.

When you feel like that, make a quick reality check.

You’ll immediately realize how ridiculous your fantasies are and that you don’t actually need to expect anything.

If you simply let things be, everything will fall into place. And will just be perfect.

2. Many desires.

If you ever catch yourself wanting too many things, and never being satisfied with your current situation, stop.

Reflect on that. Notice how you feel and then try to let go of all those desires.

They aren’t necessary. They may happen one day, and you can keep working on your goals, but don’t let that ruin your ability to seize the day.

Because if you live like that for many days, then you’ve missed out on a significant part of your life you can never take back.

Go back to this moment. Appreciate all you have.

Many would give anything to have it. So be grateful.

3. Comparing to others.

Do you often find yourself wanting what others have, wondering how they got it, wishing you were at their place, feeling sad knowing you’re not like them?

Time for a reality check then.

Everyone’s usually having a harder time than you think.

Embrace your individuality by going after your goals, creating your own experience and building character.
And respect the journeys of others. They may be different, but also full of hardships.

4. Complaining about not making progress and being far from your goals.

Results take time, dedication, efforts, focus and sacrifices.
But most of all, it’s about staying consistent.

You can’t really feel bad about not succeeding or getting good at something, if you’re not taking at least one step a day towards it.

And how do you expect to see results if you aren’t ready to say ‘no’ to some things, if you waste time in unproductive activities, are impatient, don’t have any clear goals, and so on.

Man up. Or stop waiting for progress.

5. Blaming others.

You may spend your whole life trying to find relief in blaming others, but that will get you nowhere.

It’s your life.

You make choices at any given moment and they shape your personality and future.

So take responsibility for your actions. And start taking deliberate decisions.

6. Getting lost in dreams.

It’s one thing to have specific goals, review them daily and visualize the end result in order to stay focused and follow the right path.
But it’s completely another to think about the future more than you live in the present.

Don’t forget that you need to take action now in order to get closer to these dreams of yours.

7. Living in the past.

Whatever it is that happened, it doesn’t matter.

You’re free to let it stay in the past and move on with your life

So many people hold onto past experiences, places, people, memories, or just who they used to be. And think of that all the time.
Which is basically reliving it all over again.

There’s no point in all that. You just bring stress, regret and hopelessness into your life.

Instead, be here. Live in this moment as it’s all there is.

These are just seven of the daily things we do that prevent us from living in the reality and being present.

Can you share another one that has made you lose touch with what’s going on around you?