9 Effective Ways on How to Really Live Your Life 113

9 Effective Ways on How to Really Live Your Life

This is a guest post by William Bourn, one of the pillars of Crazy Essay, alongside his college peers. He functions as both writer and social media ambassador for their business.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”—Oscar Wilde

Most people are bound by their quest for making a living than actually living. It is the norm of every people’s lives. We are driven by the need to earn and make money. We define ourselves by what other people think about us than actually learning to love ourselves and feeling good about who we are.

I once had a conversation with my friend’s father. He said all his life he never stopped working. 30 years in the company and all he did was save money and forget to stop and enjoy the years that had passed. Now that he is old and sick, unable to travel and enjoy the remaining years of his life, he now realizes that he saved money only to spend it on his medicine while slowly dying.

You could say that it could have been worse—sick and dying without money. That is a good point. But is he enjoying it? Lying in bed waiting for his last breath? If you were to answer for the years of his life, do you think that he lived?

The sad truth is that most of us, if not all, have lived like a slave; Slave to our jobs, slave to our responsibilities, slave to our needs, slave to our time.

We can change that.

We are entitled to choose what we want to be and what we want to do. We can do that without sacrificing our normal lives. All we need is to shift our point of views to the positive side.

Here are some ways to help you achieve the life we all deserve to live:

1. Start your day on a positive note.

Some people would grab a newspaper or watch the morning news before they start their day. Try not to do so.

That is because news often tells of tragedies, crimes, and other negative stories that happened everywhere. You will seldom find news that only tells of the positive things that happened yesterday. Instead, grab a book about inspirations, positive quotes or perhaps a bible.

The key is to feed your mind with positive words to start your day. It stimulates good harmony within your body chemicals. It promotes an energized mood to fuel your whole day. It is more beneficial if you could smile or better yet, laugh in your morning. Believe me, it is the best breakfast ever.

2. Eat good food and exercise.

I do not need to explain further what good food and exercise can do to your body. The bottom line is to be healthy.

Besides, I friend told me that an eating person is a happy person. No one is sad while they are eating—except maybe when they ate something bad or foul. Well, that is a different story.

3. Take everything slow.

How to Stay Healthy Throughout Your Busy Life

It means to enjoy every moment that you are alive. If you are living a fast life, you are more likely to miss out on most beautiful little things in all your years.

When you eat, eat slowly. Enjoy the taste of the fruit of your hard-earned money. When you ride the bus, take a moment to look outside the window. Observe the world. Appreciate the colors around you.  No matter how crowded and messy looking the street is, when you look at it with indiscriminating eyes, you will find that it is beautiful.

It is like the quote, “stop and smell the roses”. Yes, wake up and suit yourself and go to work. But remind yourself that life has more things to appreciate than to worry about.

Worrying and doing something to solve your worries consume the same energy. Thus, you still end up exhausted in the end. So why choose to worry then?

4. Avoid negative people and keep the positive ones.

It is our natural instinct to adapt to our surroundings. No matter how much we tell ourselves that we are not going to do the same, it happens automatically.

Same goes when you hang out with people who have a negative point of views about life. We tend to copy them unconsciously sometimes. We absorb some of their energy and end up looking at the same angle as they do.

It is hard to keep up with a negative person without being influenced in the process.

As much as it is unfair to leave behind a good friend with such character if you really want to pursue a positive living, try to lessen your time with them. If you cannot do it, at least help them see the world through your eyes.

5. Make a habit of saving.

In my life of ups and downs, I have learned the value of money the hard way. In my younger years, I enjoyed life a bit more than I should. I spent money faster than I could earn them. And so, I ended up broke.

So I changed my act and do the exact opposite: I saved money.

I saved everything to the point that I value money more than my happiness. And I realized that it has been 5 years and I hardly remember the last time I ever laughed. I hardly remember the last time I graced a genuine smile to a fellow human being.

It is then that I thought about making another turn in my life. I balanced my priorities. I save a portion of my earnings while giving myself the pleasure I so deserve from a month’s work. It does not have to be luxurious, it just has to be what you want while being practical about it.

I learned from Chinkee Tan, a Filipino motivational speaker, the importance of making a habit of saving. The goal is not the amount of money that you saved, but the act of saving itself.

Spend a day with your families and loved ones

6. A home is where your heart is.

You must have read or heard somewhere about a phrase that says, “Life is short”. Well, it certainly is.

So since you will never know when it will be your time, try to be with your loved ones while you can. Love them while you still can.

7. Try to take criticisms positively.

My Debt Story: How I Paid off $130,000 in Debt

If you do not believe in yourself and think little of your abilities, small words affect you easily.

You become too sensitive to take negative words. You should know that it is wrong. Because that means, you are defining yourself based on what people think of you.

Keep in mind that you can do anything if you really want to. Do not let anybody tell where your limit is. Use their words as guides to your next goal. Use them as constructive words to better yourself.

8. Watch your words.

“If you do not have anything good to say, keep it to yourself.”

That is what my teacher used to say back in college. She is right.

We have no right to tell other people bad things about them. Just because we know them does not entitle us to hurt their feelings or say mean things about them. We are not perfect. We also have our own flaws and weaknesses. Surely, you will not feel so nice as well when somebody does the same to you.

Make a habit of saying only positive and constructive words.

9. Do not be afraid to try new things.

Life tends to feel lackluster doing the same old routine for years. That is true on my part. That is why I always find new things to explore, learn and enjoy.

Growth does not happen when you are stuck in one place, reading the same old passage all over again, or keep yourself confined in a room.

Growth happens when you try new things and go beyond the safety of your own room. It happens when you stop being afraid and start living.

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Facts on Saturated Fat and How it Affects Women’s Health 12

Facts on Saturated Fat and How it Affects Women's Health

If you’re confused about what food are good for you today, but bad for you tomorrow, you’re not alone.

Take fat, for example. One day, all fats are bad. Then we’re told we need healthy fats. Another day, the perception of what’s considered ‘healthy’ fat is under scrutiny. Here’s the skinny on saturated fat.

The Truth About Saturated Fat

Just a few decades ago, fat was the enemy, especially saturated fat as found in butter and other animal-based food products. They’re the kind of fats that solidify at room temperature, which is due to their atomic makeup; the carbon cells are completely covered, or saturated, by the hydrogen cells.

Foods that contain saturated fats include:

– Red meat
– Eggs
– Cheese and other dairy products
– Poultry
– Pork
– Palm and coconut oil

Saturated fat was thought to cause high cholesterol and ailments like heart disease. However, new research has shown that a diet that includes saturated fat and reduces carbohydrates actually has the opposite effect, especially in women over the age of 50. This has led to the rise of low carb and paleo diets.

The benefits of saturated fat has been studied by researchers, dietitians and journalists like Nina Teicholz, whose book, The Big Fat Surprise, summarizes nine years of research on the subject of saturated fat and women’s health.

The conclusions reached by many who’ve viewed the data are that there is no conclusive evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease or obesity when eaten as part of a balanced diet. In fact, over the period between the first recommendations by the American Heart Association demonizing fat in 1961 and now, heart disease, obesity and related conditions have increased.

How Did Saturated Fat Become the Enemy?

The big turning point came after the release of the so-called “Seven Countries” study conducted by Ancel Keys. This research – and false conclusions – looked at diets around the world. Keys determined that the seven countries with the highest rate of heart disease also consumed the highest amounts of saturated fat.

What the study overlooked, and what turned out to be the real cause of adverse health effects, was that people in these countries also ate the highest amounts of processed carbohydrates and sugar. The problem was that Keys went in with a hypothesis about the correlation between fat consumption and heart disease, and rejected any findings that didn’t support his theories.

What’s it All Mean?

We’re not suggesting that fat doesn’t raise cholesterol, which is a contributing factor in heart disease. However, certain kinds of cholesterol are beneficial, even necessary, to good health.

Adding modest amounts of saturated fat and reducing sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption increases the HDL (good) cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. The trick is to choose the right kinds of saturated fats, not deprivation.

Food With Beneficial Saturated Fat

The right levels of saturated fat in your diet allows you to enjoy eating again. Food tastes better and is more filling, which means less temptation to binge and less over-eating. Choose saturated fat from healthier foods like coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and grass-fed beef over grain-fed.

If you’ve been depriving yourself and avoiding ‘real’ foods like red meat, cheese and butter, this is good news. The best diet for anyone is one that uses moderation without necessarily excluding entire food groups.