If you’re in eCommerce, you’re probably familiar with one of the most common problems: cart abandonment.

While you might have created a great product, have your sales funnel in place and are targeting the right audience, many visitors that seem interested still leave right before purchasing.

Did you know that in a single year cart abandonment is responsible for $4.6 trillion in lost eCommerce sales? 

Not handling this aspect of your business means losing sales on a monthly basis.

Why People Abandon Carts?

The most common reasons why people do that include:

  • Unexpected shipping costs;
  • Having to create a new account;
  • A confusing checkout process;
  • Website is slow;
  • The visitor doesn’t trust the website (and feels their payment details are not safe);
  • Not enough payment methods;
  • Lack of a coupon;

And more.

While the rate of cart abandonment in online shopping will always remain high (60-80%), there are things you can do to encourage the visitor showing an interest to complete the transaction process.

They already started it so there is an interest. What you do while they are at the checkout page can make or break their final decision. And that’s where OptinMonster can help.

How to Reduce Cart Abandonment Using OptinMonster

OptinMonster is considered the best lead generation tool. With a ton of features, it helps business owners convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

As a WordPress user, you may know OptinMonster as a powerful plugin for your email list. With its popups and other types of high-converting optin forms, you can grow your subscribers. 

However, it can also be the solution to getting more sales and increasing the revenue of your online store.

Here are the exact ways you can use the tool to stop losing sales and start maximizing profit:

1. Create a cart abandonment campaign.

With OptinMonster, you can choose between over 60 pre-made templates or create your own beautiful and customized campaign to encourage visitors to stay on the site.

The tool allows you to create a new popup campaign using the OptinMonster Builder and activate exit-intent. You can choose the sensitivity to decide how far from the top of the browser the user’s mouse should be before triggering the campaign.

Next, you can set this campaign to only show on the checkout page and embed it on your website.

Such exit-intent popups can offer people a special deal if they decide to stay on the page and purchase now. 

2. Send a follow-up email.

There are many follow-up emails you can send to people who already purchased your product or are on your list and interested in it. What’s more, you can even send an incentive to those who abandoned your site before completing the final step.

With OptinMonster, you can drop your potential customers an email to remind them to complete the purchase. Sometimes, that’s all they need to make the payment and become your client.

This improves the customer experience, makes them feel appreciated, and allows for more interactions between the customer and your brand, which can eventually build trust and lead to a sale.

3. Create urgency using a countdown timer.

By now, you should know how crucial urgency is in online shopping. We’ve all paid for something only because it was a limited offer and immediately felt like we got a good deal (even if there was no significant discount).

People love urgency and scarcity and there are physiological principles behind them. There are also plenty of strategies to use urgency to increase conversions.

One way is to leverage OptinMonster’s countdown timer. Here’s how:

So that’s how you can use OptinMonster to recover visitors who abandon their carts and increase your sales. If you’re ready, sign up for OptinMonster here.

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