Shared Office Space: How to Make it Work

Shared Office Space: How to Make it Work

This article was written by Lillian Connors.

The rising number of freelancers is changing the landscape of global economy. This trend is not likely to disappear in the immediate future as most individuals enjoy flexible working hours and choosing the workplace on their own terms. Which usually ends up being the comfort of their own home.

In spite of this, many of these diligent workers still feel a lot better and more productive if they put in their daily work in some kind of an office. This is why shared office space is becoming the key feature of modern business. And here is how to make it work.

Prep for multiculturality.

We live in a tightly inter-connected world which has morphed into a free-thinking digital multicultural environment where the merit of the job done is the only factor that matters. However, this goes beyond the matter of race, gender or culture.

Companies unite their employees under singular synthesis of mission, vision and goals which is matched with the office space they occupy.

Shared office spaces offer a particularly interesting luxury in this regard. To choose however they want to organize and appear without being tied to a particular type of company philosophy. This means you can have shared office space for freelancers from all types of businesses. Or create specific co-working spaces with particular work ethics framework in mind. For example, you can create a vibrant and colorful space for freelance writers and artists.

Creating connections.

The benefits of a shared office space do not end here. Additionally, co-working spaces offer a unique opportunity to create connections between freelancing individuals with ease. The layout of the seats, desks and offices should be arranged to encourage this.

This way, casual business connections can build into something more. Maybe a mini-company that works from shared office space exclusively. It is an exciting thought that should be cultivated in such environments as much as possible. Proximity is the key feature.

The matter of insurance.

However, there are some downsides when it comes to the way people behave in a shared office. One of the leading problems in this realm is the matter that temporary occupants rarely feel obliged to take care of the surroundings.

This is why it is important to introduce insurance and liability policies for renters. A form of a binding contract that needs to be signed by each occupant. To further make sure everything remains in order, a solid surveillance system needs to be installed.

Interior design makes all the difference.

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In order to have a legitimate shared office space that communicates both work-related formalities and a casual and vibrant spirit of freelancing lifestyle, the interior design of the location needs to walk a fine line in order to get everyone on board.

Current trends in office design represent a harmonious marriage of style and function. That is particularly important for a shared office space as it needs to accommodate an overwhelming variety of different personalities.

Intuitive layout and minimalist, flexible aesthetics that make room for additional improvements are other two key elements that influence the overall appearance of shared office spaces.

As far as parking goes.

It appears people drive to work less and less. This trend has partly emerged due to the general global encouragement of green thinking. More and more people opt to commute, drive a bike or go on foot.

However, the need for proper parking space should never be underestimated.

Each shared office space should be in a close proximity of big parking. Or, ideally, build a parking of its own. Many freelance workers will end up in a situation when they are compelled to use a car. Either they do not feel well, they are in some way temporarily unable to go through physical exhaustion of riding a bike or something else.

Sharing the office space is a relatively new phenomenon. Ao they are constantly changing to accommodate freelancers and small businesses. Their popularity seems to attract an increasing number of people on yearly basis and they come in various shapes and sizes as well as with a variety of features. Secretarial assistance, access to conference rooms and a canteen with the café-restaurant hybrid are turning into standardized features which should be on anyone’s checklist.

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