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With over a billion active sites online, the internet is brimming with content. All of these sites are creating new content constantly, flooding the internet.

With this in mind, it is paramount that you create content that will generate traffic and bring clients to your brand. It is not only important to create this content, but it is more important to promote this content. 

Anybody can start a blog. Generating content is also quite simple. But how do you get users to visit your website and view that content?

To achieve more visits you need to have some kind of monetization and content marketing plan in place. You may also need to consult a digital marketing provider.

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Below are some of the strategies you can employ to achieve online success for your site and boost blog revenue:

How to Increase Your Blog Revenue 

1. Pillar articles 

Instead of writing several blog posts that are related to the same topic, why don’t you come up with one pillar article that sums up everything?

Pillar articles are of high-quality information and they drive traffic. Pillar articles will rank well on search engines like Google because they are focused on coming up with the best possible article on a given topic. Consumers are able to find everything they want with ease. 

The alternative is having multiple articles on the same topic scattered all over the internet. This makes it very hard for consumers to acquire the information they are looking for.

Since a pillar article contains information for a lot of different search queries, it will rank better for multiple searches. 

2. Refresh old content

You do not always need to come up with a new article when you can just go back to the pillar article that you wrote earlier and refresh it.

Consistently update your pillar articles because they are important to your consumers and also because they bring traffic and increase blog revenue.

This will ensure that your content is fresh and relevant. This is effective because you do not lose the momentum gained by your older articles.

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3. Crosslinking and generating backlinks

Crosslink new blog posts to older blogs. Add as many links as possible to your pillar content; this will make them rank well in the search engines.

Google will be able to easily configure your content and understand those that are of high importance. It is easy to crosslink. 

Back linking basically involves getting another site to link to your website. These aren’t easy to garner but can greatly improve your website’s SEO ranking factor on search engines. Google will look at the number of backlinks you have and their quality when deciding the importance of your content. 

4. Boost posts with paid ads

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There are two strategies for boosting traffic; organic and paid ads.

Organic traffic has a lot of advantages because not only is it cheap, it is also effective and produces results for a long time.

On the other hand, paying for ads brings traffic only when you are paying. When you stop paying the traffic also stops and so does blog revenue. 

However, paid ads also come in handy especially with new content. Forcing traffic to new blogs increases momentum. Your audience will engage on social media, and hence, Google will rank it highly on the search list. 

5. Integrate call-to-action throughout your content

Call-to-actions in your blog posts is quintessential for engagement and monetization. New articles will attract new clients.

It is crucial to have call-to-actions in place. You can achieve this by having a built-in ‘widget’ feature that will make your site an interactive site.

Other methods include content lockers which require users to submit their emails/ share on social media to access content on your site. 

It is paramount to make your call-to-action as relevant as possible. Giving value and being relevant to the needs of your audience will serve your website well. 

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6. Adhere to a posting schedule 

Traffic increases proportionally with the number of times you post. The more you post the more audience you will have. Also, have a schedule of when you are posting.

Your audience will learn of your publishing patterns and will look forward to your scheduled posts. They will also come to rely on you as a consistent and reliable source which will keep them engaged. 

7. Include keywords

Keywords are crucial in driving organic traffic.

Make use of keywords that will turn into blog post topics. Do a research and narrow down on the keywords that are excellent at backlinking anchor text. Get keyword ideas using Google’s free keyword planner. 

Ensure that you include keywords in the body of your blogs. Use them as frequently as possible but make sure they come out naturally and do not look forced.

For example, if your keyword is “digital marketing provider”, you can use it once or twice throughout your piece, but no more than that. And also make sure the use is tied to what you are writing about. 

8. Use more images and other multimedia

Articles with more media get more engagement by consumers.

Research has shown that content with images gets up to 90% more views than those without.

Systematically increase the use of multimedia on your blog posts and you will experience a significant increase in traffic on your site and blog revenue.

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9. Guest blog for quality backlinks

A guest blogging campaign is a good strategy to boost and generate traffic into your website.

Set clear goals and have patience because it may take some time before the results start to manifest. Publish as many articles as possible on authority blogs in your industry so that you can acquire quality backlinks from those blogs to your site.

Do not compromise on quality; you can even hire a ghostwriter to come up with high-quality posts for you if you don’t have the time. You will reap the benefits for a long time to come. 

Operating your business from the internet is flexible and exhilarating. It allows you to run it from literally anywhere and is less costly in terms of operating expenses.

To reap maximum benefits from your online business, make sure to implement the strategies discussed above. Soon, your brand will blossom and that will boost your blog revenue.

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