9 Powerful Ways to Stop Overthinking Once and for All - what to do when you feel lonely

Being lonely isn’t the same as feeling lonely. I hope you know how to differentiate these states as from time to time we all face such problems.

A study has revealed that one in 10 people feel they don`t have a close friend and feel lonely even if they`re not alone.

So being lonely is a state of being by oneself without other people around. By the way, this time can be beneficial for everyone. It can be very useful for a rethinking of values and ways of life, or just for a little rest.

You also know such an awful state when you are surrounded by family members, friends, colleagues and plenty of others, but still, you feel that you’re lonely because you feel a void inside.

This state is much more complicated because such loneliness can be considered a disturbing signal. It’s indicating that some important for you social connections are at risk or lacking at all.

The first thing you need to do in such cases, is to ask yourself WHY you feel so alone. Then, determine the deep cause of that discomfort.

Loneliness, of course, is a troubled state. But, despite everything, it can be fought against and overcome. Here you’ll find 10 useful things to cope with your loneliness easily.

1. Communicate with strangers on social networks to find empathetic listeners.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp may help you stop feeling lonely. In such a simple way you can vent, share your problems with a perfect stranger or just exchange funny messages.

By using these social media tools, you don’t isolate yourself. Instead, you look for a person to talk to and show up as you don’t want to be forgotten, you want someone to be interested in you.

2. Get a pet to restore your soul.

A research has shown that pet owners feel better. In addition, living with pets provides a lot of health benefits.

Pets help lessen anxiety and animals “can be calming stress-fighters”.

Pet researcher Allen R. McConnell, Ph.D, professor of psychology at Miami University proved that “pet owners, on average, were better off than non-owners, especially when they have a higher-quality relationship with their pets”.

Any pet (dog, cat or even hamster) can color your leisure time as it`s always ready to spend time with you. The playfulness of the pets and troubles (if you have to train your pet) help you forget about your troubles or much more about loneliness.  

3. Take a walk, go for a run or just keep moving to refresh your mind and body.

If you’re wondering how to stop feeling lonely, remember one simple truth: “A healthy mind in a healthy body!”

When you feel alone, walking or running in the open air allows you to not only refresh your mind and improve your body, but also to explore your city.

4. Help people in need or become a volunteer.

Don`t withdraw into your shell, try to offer your help others.

When you start drawing your attention to the needs of others, you’ll be distracted from your own problems. Helping other people or participating in socially useful activities show you how to stop feeling lonely.

It’s because you simply don’t have any time to think about your loneliness. Meeting with other volunteers and assisting the less fortunate people will occupy all your spare time.

5. Go on vacation.

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Why do I feel so alone? How to stop feeling lonely?

If these questions come to your head, you have to change something in your life right now. The best way is to go on vacation.

Even a little break can pull you out of your routine because probably your loneliness is caused by fatigue from your everyday life.

Take a break, visit new places, meet interesting people, find new friends. When you return, you`ll see how wonderful your life is and how happy you are.

6. Watch your old photos to remember happy times.

Another nice way to remind yourself that you`re not alone is to look at an album with old photos. Pleasant memories are the best cure for loneliness.

7. Go to the cinema.

The only place where you can`t feel lonely is the cinema. Only there can you always find a “group” atmosphere. As if you buy a ticket for a comedy, you`ll laugh with strangers around you. Or if it`s a thriller, you’ll cry together with others.

8. Sing, sing and sing again.

It`s impossible to feel lonely when you’re singing. It can easily lift your mood.

9. Turn your camera on.

Bring your camera and go… A person with a camera can`t be alone. Take photos!

Take more photos of things and people around you! Fill your life with interesting, beautiful things. This helps you take your mind off of loneliness.  

10. Find creative activities.

Entertain yourself with something creative. Try to draw a picture, make an origami, start a jigsaw puzzle or even create a collage. The main thing is to try something really creative. This way you can restore your life force and feel that you’re not alone.

So if you feel lonely, it doesn’t mean that you’re alone. It is a signal for you to change something in your life, get back to something old or try new things. What will it be?

About The Author

This post was written by Helen Rogers.

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