The Correlation Between Being Well-Groomed and Growing Professionally 101

The Correlation Between Being Well-Groomed and Growing Professionally - let's reach success

The following article is a guest post.

Does it really matter what you wear at an interview? What about how well-groomed you are?

Contrary to popular belief, first appearances matter a lot.

In business, the way you present yourself in front of clients, negotiators, and peers is fundamental.

Whether you’re the one looking for a job, or you’re the hiring manager, being well-groomed conveys professionalism, and at the same demands respect.

Dress code

Unlike men, who take 10-20 minutes to get ready for work, studies have shown that women spend more than 60 minutes in front of the mirror.

This usually depends on where they work, and what their job implies.

In business, we deal with people – of all kinds and sorts. This means we can’t afford to look sloppy. Doing your hair and makeup, and striving to look your best no matter the circumstances is key to making a good first impression.

Women, in particular, spend most of their preparation time doing their makeup. They invest a lot of money on quality products that cost a fortune only to make sure their faces look intact for as long as possible.

Sometimes, they strive to look amazing for up to 16 hours a day. Most business women have a very clearly-defined sense of fashion. They’re crazy about the elegant office look because it conveys elegance and sophistication.


A well-groomed physique is not completely groomed unless your skin looks flawless.

If you want to look professional, and turn people’s heads around, you have to moisturize more. But that’s still not enough. These days, busy business women don’t have time to go to the gym on a daily basis; but they wouldn’t say “no” to a relaxation body massage.

There are lots of treatments you can opt for to make sure your skin looks and feels healthy.

The key to having soft, beautiful skin is not just about beauty treatments. What matters is what you put inside your body, too. Healthy foods and at least 2 liters of water per day, keep the body strong and energetic, and the skin looking and feeling more elastic and youthful.

Personal grooming and success: is there any connection?

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Even though there’s a clear correlation between professional success and personal grooming, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of cash of preserving appearances.

As a matter of fact, 48% of today’s professionals state that they spend a reasonable amount of time getting dressed and groomed.

But if they have to go to a job interview or attend a business meeting, they do strive to look their best.

Business women focus more on skincare, makeup and wardrobe. Men, on the other hand, are mostly concerned with clothes and accessories.

When you work closely with other people, a proper personal hygiene is a fundamental factor that sets the bar in productivity and teamwork. HR specialists and managers considering new candidates for open positions or promotions will always be weary of personal grooming concerns. That’s because they speak directly to the person and they appeal to that person’s self-image.

Managers care about body odors, bad breath, smoking odors, wearing perfume or cologne (too much makes a bad impression), and revealing clothes.

Truth be told, hygiene and personal grooming are issues that affect anyone. Even tough bad body odor and bad breath are things most people don’t like to talk about, these factors can ruin your reputation.

A well-groomed body boosts self-confidence.

Both men and women feel confident when they look good.

For a woman to look and feel her best, she has to have the perfect hairstyle, best makeup, and most appropriate clothes. But that’s not enough. A weekly visit at the salon to get a full body wax, and a relaxing mani-pedi also contributes to increasing self-esteem and confidence.

Nowadays, there are lots of beauty treatments women can decide upon to preserve their level of confidence at work. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily imply getting liposuction or a facelift.

Non-invasive treatments that are in charge of taking good care of your body are just as efficient. An IPL laser treatment, for example, is a permanent hair removal procedure. After several sessions recommended by your physician, your body will feel smooth and it will look amazing for months.

If you want to make an impression at work, and really turn people’s heads around, taking good care of your body inside out is paramount.

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7 Quick Tips on How to Be More Successful in Everyday Life 6

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Everyone dreams about being successful. But what is success?

For you, it could be building a company, getting promoted at work, generating wealth, or more humble ambitions, such as being the best parent or partner. While success looks different to each person, we all have an innate desire to achieve.

No matter how you define success as an individual, here are some habits you can adopt to become more successful in everyday life.

1. Be Focused.

There are distractions all around us, from social media and smartphones to friends and family. While everyone needs some ‘me time,’ to be successful, you also need focus. As such, cut out distractions and set aside time to work towards your goal.

Remember: There is always something productive you can do.

2. Aim to Learn.

It can be easy to get hung up results but being successful is about more than the outcome. The key to being truly successful is about learning. This allows you to grow and adapt, changing your approach and leading to improvements. As such, make learning a goal. This will also help to keep you motivated, too.

3. Be Prepared.

Being prepared is essential to increase the chance of success. This can be applied to almost any situation. Whether you are expecting your first baby, have an upcoming exam or interview, or are considering CFD trading, all require research and preparation.

4. Stop the Excuses.

When something goes wrong, it can be easy to dig your head in the sand, but this is not a habit of a successful person. Instead, take responsibility. Stop your excuses, work on your weaknesses and make improvements. The onus is on you to be successful so step up, set challenges and drive yourself forward.

5. Be Happy.

You may be focussed on earning more money, or you may have a goal to buy a flash car. But if you’re working a job you cannot stand, putting in too many hours and sacrificing time with the ones you love, you could quickly start to feel miserable.

Increase your happiness and make it a marker of your success, even if it takes longer to achieve your goals.

6. Feel Grateful.

Success is often less about material possessions or goals than it is about changing our perceptions.

This is why it is important to start recognizing the good things around you. Recognise and feel grateful for what you already have and you will soon feel very successful indeed.

7. Start Failing.

This may seem counterintuitive, but failure is a big part of success. It helps to highlight the things we do not want and essentially provides clarity. A little failure never hurt anyone. After all, no one has ever become successful without first experiencing failure.