You would agree to the fact that for drafting an email one has to keep many things in mind like the template design, email format, message tone and recipient’s correct email address, etc.

But text messaging is entirely simple and affordable. Just the typos you have to take care off. That’s it.

According to a research back in the year 2010, text messaging service was most widely used in between 4.6 billion active users and about 85% of all smartphone subscribers.

In 2014, the data application has estimated to be worth over $200 billion, which is almost near 60% revenue realized by just mobile marketing.

These are enough reasons to say strongly that why SMS beats email marketing.

If you are a marketer or running a business, it would get difficult for you at times to connect with your customers. It’s hard to be noticed with tough competition and heard by the people in the way you want.

Not denying that email marketing is working for many marketers, but what’s wrong to try something new which is quicker and converting the users.

Let’s take a sneak peek to find out why mobile marketing is better than email marketing:

1. Open Rate Conversion for Smartphone Users.

Though social platforms and emails are the part of mobile marketing strategies, not everyone is optimizing their efforts to deliver services to mobile users only. A report unwraps that there are over 98% of smartphone users that use alternative texting services at least twice a day.

Emails have fewer conversion rates as compared to SMS messaging. Emails either at times get stuck in the spam folder or junk and are skipped from users. But text messaging hits directly to customer’s inbox. No risk of spam or junk.

2. More People Have Access to Mobile SMS Than to Email.

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Today, almost every generation, whether youth or adults, are using text messaging for either personal purposes, business, or social.

Even the government makes use of the text messaging services to deliver any information related to the bank or any of their customers.

Also, mobile messages are an easier way of communication than emails because you can use informal tone while sending a message to your friends or relatives.

Today more than 50% of service providers send you a direct message informing you about any payment dues, important dates, promotions, etc. instead of making use of any emails or postal mails. 

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3. Mobile Texting is Safer and Can Be Done Anytime.

Mobile messaging does not require an Internet connection, it can be sent from anywhere.

This is the biggest advantage for users who live in an area with a poor connection.

A bad network leads to problems. Such as when people living there find it difficult to sync their emails or any service related to the Internet.

There’s an application called 2-way SMS in which applications are mainly focused on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that are capable of delivering targeted service messages. These two-step verification application confirmations were done to protect users against growing fraud. 

These are the main reasons why text messages work better than email marketing. What do you think?

About The Author

This article was written by Arpita Arya.