How to Stop Dreaming About ‘One Day’ and Get to Action Now

We all have dreams and desires. Things we want to achieve or experience in life. Yet how many of us actually put serious thought into these things?
How to Stop Dreaming About 'One Day' and Get to Action Now

This article was written by Brian Simms, who’s passionate about helping people become everything they can be.

How often have you heard people say “One day I want to do such and such.”, “One day I am going to start so and so”.?

People talk about the things they would like to do. They tell their friends over cups of coffee about their dreams and the things they hope to achieve “one day.” Then, as though it was merely small talk (and honestly that’s all it was), the dreams and desires are packed away back into the mental compartment you extracted them from. Only to be brought out and dusted off every now and then as you ruminate about your life and what you hope to achieve “one day”.

Life carries on and you mark off time as you live it.

The dreams you contemplate still surface. But you push the thoughts aside as they prick you with guilt as you realize that the “one days” are quickly piling up behind you.

A week has passed.

A month.

A year.

Now it’s a few years behind you and the things you hoped to achieve seem impossible as time is getting shorter. You’re older and you tell yourself that “one day” you hope to bring your dreams and desires to pass.

Seriously, you are kidding yourself. You have had so many “one days” pass behind you and feelings of remorse creep in. The chatter over coffees with your friends at the local cafe continues as you tell each other what you would like to do. The gleam in your eye flickers out once you go back home and back into the routine of your life.

Here is some advice:

Make the “one day” today. Stop talking and start doing.

Life is a Set of Problems. Here’s Your Guide to Solving Them.

Time doesn’t wait for you. It passes by impartially. You need to take time by its collar and let it know that it’s serving you now instead of you being the slave to time.

What are your dreams and goals? What do you want out of life?

Here are some steps to get you going:

  1. Write it down. When you write down what you want it feels more concrete and less of an abstract idea. Also, it helps you to become committed to achieving your dream.
  2. Research what you need to do. What is needed to bring your dream to pass? Make a list of the skills and resources required. The internet is an inexhaustible supply of information. Go online and start finding out how to start.
  3. Gather supporters. You don’t need detractors who are going to cause you to doubt. Find people who will encourage you and guide you. Remove the negative voices.
  4. Make small steps. As we all know, a baby makes tiny steps before it can run. Take little steps forward toward your dream. Break your goals down into small manageable pieces.
  5. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. As we step out and do things we’ve never tried before, it’s inevitable that we are going to make mistakes along the way. Don’t fear mistakes. Embrace them and learn from them.
  6. Check your progress. It’s important to stop every so often and see how well we are doing in bringing our dream to pass. Are we on track? What needs to change?
  7. Celebrate. Reward yourself for what you have achieved. Doing so is motivating and keeps you focused and excited about what you are doing.

If you feel like you don’t have the confidence to start chasing your dreams, then question what it is that is causing the lack of confidence.

Life is too short to have regrets. Don’t let excuses stop you.

Excuses keep you trapped in mediocrity.

The journey isn’t going to be easy. It takes time and focused commitment to bring dreams to pass.

Time ticks on and you think to yourself “Ah. One day…” Stop marking off time.

Ask yourself “How bad do I want to have this dream become a reality?” Listen to yourself provide an honest answer. If the fire isn’t stirring in your belly when you think about the dream, then either forget about it or find a way to stoke up the fire.

What would your life be like if the dream was no longer a dream? How would you feel if you reflect back on your life and realized the missed opportunities and chances you had to make your dream a reality?

That’s the good old “Rocking Chair Test”!

Don’t simply relegate your dreams to small talk amongst your friends and work colleagues. Stop wistfully saying “One day…” and then pushing your hopes and dreams into the back of your mind.

Today is your “One day”. Start now. Get serious and stop the mediocrity.

Then next time you have a get together with your friends and they play the same record of “One day…”, you can tell them that your day has come. Tell them what you have been doing and then watch the reaction.

Let your friends catch your motivation. If they don’t, then don’t let them stop you.

No longer say “One day….” Say “Now, let’s start!”

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How to Find The Best Jewelry Deals: 6 Tips to Shop Wisely

How to Find The Best Jewelry Deals: 6 Tips to Shop Wisely

Shopping for jewelry can be a daunting task. Not only do you have the pressure of choosing the perfect piece for the person you are buying for, but also the stress of selecting from the never-ending jewelers and online marketplaces. It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

With that being said, it doesn’t have to be. Armed with a little bit of know-how and a sprinkling of common sense, choosing the best piece of jewelry for the best price doesn’t have to cause you any more stress than it should.

If you are in the market for the perfect piece of jewelry for your friend or loved one, but don’t want to pay an armload, here are some excellent tips for the best jewelry deals.

Finding The Best Deals on Jewelry

1. Avoid Prestigious Brands

Companies spend millions of dollars every year on improving their brand and their awareness. The bigger the brand, the more they can charge for their products because of their perceived value. If you want to save yourself a pretty penny when shopping for jewelry, whether that’s an engagement ring, a diamond bracelet, a watch or an earring, take a look at the smaller, less obvious jewelers. The quality tends to be exactly the same, just at a marginally lower price point.

2. Shop Online

To build on the previous point about branding, another massive cost for regular retail businesses are the overheads associated with owning a brick and mortar business. Online business doesn’t have that problem. They need a domain name, hosting and a good-looking website design. That’s it!

Online jewelers tend to have far fewer overheads than a regular brick and mortar business, meaning a lot of that extra money is given to you, the customer, in the form of cheaper products.

When shopping online for expensive jewelry, make sure the vendor you choose is reputable. It’s easier to be scammed on the internet than it is in real life, so be diligent when buying jewelry online.

3. Consider Silver

Gold is all the rage right now, though, it’s always been a popular item. However, silver is becoming trendier, seen everywhere on the fashion scene. It’s also considerably cheaper!

If you don’t mind compromising on the type of metal that your new piece of jewelry is made of, consider choosing silver as opposed to gold. The amount of money you will save is enough to justify the compromise.

4. Second-Hand Jewelry

This tip on finding the best jewelry deals is not for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Pawn shops and second-hand jewelers often stock some amazing pieces of jewelry that look as good as new, just at a heavily discounted price.

Second-hand jewelry also has the mystique and history attached to it that brand-new jewelry does not. Always make sure that the jewelry is certified before you buy it. Again, it’s easier to be scammed by a pawn shop than it is from a reputable dealer.

5. More Carats Does Not Always Equal Better

The term carat refers to the weight of a stone, not its size. If you take a 1-carat diamond and a 0.9-carat diamond in the palm of your hand, the visible difference is often negligible. However, the difference in cost between the two is usually dramatic.

Save yourself some money by considering a step down in carat. Your eyes won’t tell the difference, but your bank account certainly will.

6. Set a Strict Budget

When you don’t have a strict budget in place, it’s easy to overspend. You are more likely to justify paying a higher price for something if you are loose with your budgeting. The first rule of saving money on a purchase is to know the highest price you are willing to pay, and sticking to it.

These 6 tips should help you find the best jewelry deals online.

 If you are in the market for the perfect piece of jewelry for your friend or loved one, but don’t want to pay an armload, here are some excellent tips for the best jewelry deals. #savemoney #onlineshoppingtips #shoppingtips