A client recently mentioned this in an email, ‘My word for this year is “Success”: creating it for myself by first helping others to achieve the success that they want in their lives.’

That got me thinking. Having a word of the year is a fantastic practice that can let us all focus on the one main thing we want to achieve, but still work on many others.

As you know, I preach focusing on what matters, being selective, and prioritizing. That also means saying no to many things, letting go of many ideals and dreams that are just not necessary, and using our time wisely.

How Having a Word for 2020 Will Help You

So why not have a special word for 2020 that you’ll always keep in mind, no matter what you’re doing and regardless of where you are or how you feel!

Here are the benefits;

  • we can’t really exceed in the game of life and see progress in every aspect we want to, because that simply requires time and energy that we don’t have. But if all your mind needs to be focused on at any moment is one word, that makes things much easier and you’l still keep going in the right direction;
  • one word like that gives you enough purpose to persevere for the whole year;
  • you won’t be thinking of particular strategies, trying to hack everything, or getting confused or overwhelmed. Simply reminding yourself of your word for the year will have enough effect on you;
  • it’s easier to track results and take decisions. Is what you’re going to do right now going to help you get closer to your power word for 2020, or is it something that’s not related to it? If it’s not, then it’s a distraction and you’re better off doing something more meaningful and productive with your time;
  • you can write it down, put it in visible places like your desktop, repeat only that when meditating or visualizing. That’s much easier than any other practice that requires more preparations and skills.

Reflecting on The 1 Thing You Can Accomplish in The New Year

Pat Flynn published a great post in the beginning of 2017, trying to answer and to encourage anyone else to answer, the following question:

If you could accomplish only one thing in 2017, what would it be?

Here’s an extract:

‘As I was thinking about my answer, the first thing that became glaringly obvious was that picking just one thing would be super difficult. Like way super difficult.

But it’s also super important.

Here’s why. Entrepreneurs tend to struggle with trying to do too many projects at once. If you’re an entrepreneur, I’m preaching to the choir. This struggle is like a rite of passage for us, a byproduct of an eagerness to achieve the next thing, and the next. You get it…

Because I had so many things I wanted to do (do ALL THE THINGS!), I had to re-focus my efforts to an overarching goal that would encompass some other smaller achievements. So I created a plan to help me wrap all of these future achievements around what I was focused on, making sure that I was being purposeful about it, and achieving a measurable goal. That measurable goal is related to the dollar amount that I was going to be making…

Think of something that can be measurable, something that’s bigger, something that will have lasting benefits in a bunch of a different aspects of your life. Think of why you’re wanting to accomplish that one thing in 2020. Why is it important to you?’

Today seems like a pretty good day to do that exercise.

Set aside 10 minutes of your time after reading this blog post, instead of browsing the Internet or chatting with someone.

Write these down. Break big goals down into smaller ones, see how they are related and whether you can combine them all.

Then, summarize all this in one word.

That will be your word for the year.

My Word for 2020 is Determined

It could be the noun version of this, of course, but you need to really make sure this word comes from the inside and feels just right. That’s why in my case it’s an adjective.

So, why determined?

Cause that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling for the last few months. I kept taking action, and it’s true that it leads to even more action.

At some point, you can’t stop 🙂

Not in the greedy, unconscious way where you never stop to enjoy life the way it is now, of course. But goal setting and accomplishing is quite an enjoyable process and becomes your second nature once you do it long enough.

Now, I simply don’t waste time in doubts, or overthinking, or being insecure.

Anything can fail.  That’s a fact. There’s nothing I can do about it instead of trying enough things until a few work out.

I feel powerful now. It’s all in the mindset, as usual.

There’s no way another person can talk me out of a goal of mine. He’s got a different path to walk and I show understanding. I keep doing my thing, and hope everyone else is doing theirs.

The common thing between everything I’m doing with my life right now is determination.

So there’s no other word I’d choose for 2020.

Your turn now. Once you define this, please share it in the comments below. Would love to hear your words and aspirations for this year.