How to Write Good Blog Content: 10 Tips for Bloggers

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This is a guest post by Nidhi Mahajan, a marketer, entrepreneur and constant tinkerer.

The best way to share your ideas and perspective is through your blog.

You can challenge the existing norms, add a dimension to your creativity, and express yourself to the whole world.

You can be the change and also bring change.

There are a lot of ways to start writing a blog post.

You can have your own style, get inspired by other bloggers (You can check here some of the best blogs written by eminent writers. .), or just be creative and original.

The wildness in you and your thoughts cannot be tamed in a blog. If there are blogs of 500 hundred words with one picture, you can have a blog with say 1000 words and 10 pictures.

So here are10 tips to follow to write good blog content:

1. Let the paragraphs be short and sweet.

Long paragraphs intend to bore the reader.

It is only when you are providing them with valuable information and keeping their interest intact, that he won’t switch to another site.

2. Changing perspectives. 

This is a serious and common mistake. You start writing from first person, then switch to second. 

Watch out for this as it’s advisable to write with one perspective.

3. Spelling mistakes are a big no.

It makes a bad impression if there are too many spelling mistakes. So keep a check on the spellings.

4. Avoid txt talk.

People use txt talk on mobile phones, which saves typing time and character space.

Usually, it can be understood with a glance, but it requires a thought in order to interpret it so it’s not a good idea to use it.

Moreover, blogs have readers from different parts of the world, so the interpretation could also differ.

5. Proofread your blog post a couple of days later.

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After writing a blog post, move away from it and go back to re-read it in a few days.

That works because the text is still fresh in your mind. And only after a few days when you read it with fresh eyes, are you more likely to find errors or incorporate new ideas in it.

6. Proofread line by line.

It may seem like a tedious job, but proofreading is definitely essential to read line by line to maintain a good flow of writing and improve the overall quality.

7. Check for contradictions.

Do not forget to check the content or the message of the blog. You should be contradicting your own statement.

For instance, you should not be describing a situation in first person and then say that you were not present there. Or write about how agitated or upset you are about an incident, and then just take it on a humorous way.

You should proofread your blog post carefully for any such contradictions because it could mislead the readers and make them lose interest.

8. Choose things you’re passionate about. 

The biggest rule of thumb is to follow your passion.

Even before you start writing, you need to have an idea of what you want to write about.

It’s your passion about the topic that will be felt from your writing and make your blog interesting and interactive for the readers.

9. Break your text.

Divide the text into relevant sections and then start proofreading it.

It would help you in two ways: proofreading a whole blog could be tiring and tedious, and if it is not divided in sections, you could end up being forgiving and lenient towards the end.

10. Run a spelling and grammar check.

Your blog should be devoid of such mistakes.

If you work with Microsoft Word, take the help of the spellchecker.

There are various softwares and writing tools available to help you with this.

What’s more, the level of language that you are using on your blog should be easy to understand for your readers. If not, then the very purpose of your blog is not met. You may personally be fond of Shakespearean English, but it simply can’t be understood by all.

Over to you now.

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