How Writing a Blog Can Help You Live the Life You Dream About 69

How Writing a Blog Can Help You Live the Life You Dream About

This is a guest post by Julie Petersen, founder of AskPetersen, an educational blog for students.

Do you dream about being free?

I had the same dream. I’ve always wanted to travel.

Being tied down to an office job was never my vision of a happy lifestyle. I wanted to explore and stay wild at heart, but I still needed money to support my adventures.

Do you know how I made that happen? I have one word for you: blogging.

Look; I’m not saying you should all quit your jobs and start traveling the world while blogging. It takes a lot of effort to develop and maintain a successful blog, and it also takes some luck. What I am saying, though, is that everyone should try blogging.

Even if you don’t plan to travel the world, you surely have some goals on your mind. I’ll tell you how blogging can help you achieve different goals you dream about. All you need is some writing talent and a lot of commitment.

How Blogging Leads to Personal Growth and a Better Lifestyle

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1. Blogging Makes You Learn More.

We all have a goal to learn more. Our lives are not just for work, friends and family.

When we learn, we feel like we’re doing something really good with our time. Blogging supports that process.

Think about it: if you have a thought to take an online course, chances are you’ll forget about that idea by next week. If you start blogging about that goal, however, you will take that course and you’ll share the progress on it.

Let’s say you pick a niche: boxing. To start a blog on boxing, you’ll have to get informed enough about this discipline. As you keep exploring new topics, you are learning more. You’re getting information, you combine it with your own thoughts and you turn that foundation into a blog post.

In its essence, blogging is all about learning and sharing. 

2. Blogging Makes You Organized.

Let’s say you want to keep your job and start blogging at the same time. You’ll have to organize your days to find time for everything in your schedule. You’ll realize that when you have a plan, you can work, spend family time and exercise, but blog as well. There’s time for everything!

If you decide to make money through blogging, you’ll need to be even more organized.

As you keep working on your site, you gain this essential skill that improves your lifestyle.

If you don’t have enough writing experience, don’t fall into despair. Start writing down your ideas, read articles and other blogs and learn some main writing principles.

Some of them are: start introduction with a hook to grab readers attention, research the problem and revise your draft thoroughly .

3. You’ll Build Your Online Authority.

That’s a big deal. Maybe you’re dreaming about a better job? Start blogging!

When you share high-quality blog posts on LinkedIn and other platforms, you’re establishing reputation of someone who’s informed, knowledgeable, and influential. That’s the kind of worker anyone would love to have in their company.

Focus on the niche you chose as profession and start blogging your way to a better job.

4. You’ll Always Be Informed.

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Staying up-to-date with information from our areas of interest is not easy. When you start blogging, however, you’ll have to read a lot and pay attention to the news.

Your blog will trigger a never-ending process of discovering the most meaningful events from a particular niche, forming your own impressions and sharing them with the audience.

In other words, you’re becoming an informed person and you can be the center of any conversation.

5. It’s a Testimony of Personal Progress.

The blog serves as a personal diary. When you go back through the posts, you see yourself in different stages of personal development.

At the beginning, you thought you knew a lot. With time, you grew wiser and more confident.

The best part? The journey never ends.

Your blog is a digital record of how you used to think and how your attitude towards life has changed throughout the years. In some time you can even turn the blog into a book and share you life experience with even more people.

6. You’ll Inspire Other People.

Maybe you’re dreaming about inspiring other people? Blogging is the best way to do that!

Since everyone can access the blog for free, you’ll be giving inspiration to anyone who needs it.

It’s an act of selfless giving, which helps you achieve the goal of making contributions to this world.

People Are Already Doing It. Just Follow the Lead!

To give you an example of the way blogging can lead you to accomplishment, I’ll share a list of my favorite blogs:

All of these are different, but special in their own way. The bloggers have something in common, though: they are all crazy committed to these projects and they perceive them as more than just blogs.

These sites are part of their lives. They help them learn, but they are also achieving the vision of helping other people with the things they know. Plus, they are making money.

Are you ready to start a blog?

If you are, you can sign up for Bluehost today by clicking here.

They are the hosting company I’ve been using on Let’s Reach Success since day 1, and one of the most popular ones worldwide. Famous for their one-click WordPress installation (I’ve described here how exactly to set up a WordPress site with Bluehost), free domain name, and affordable packages for beginners.

By starting a website with them through my link, I’ll earn a small commission. This adds no cost to you, but helps keep this site sustainable.

If you wanna know how exactly to start your first blog, here’s a guide for you.
My Resources page might also help you when choosing the tools you’ll use down the road.

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How to Stay Focused When Studying: 5 Tips to Keep You From Getting Distracted 4

How to Stay Focused When Studying: 5 Tips to Keep You From Getting Distracted

All people have been interested in studying at one moment in their lives. There are different goals set for diverse learners and each of them requires serious learning at one point in time.

Successful learners are those with full concentration during their studies as this helps them in remembering what was learned and apply it in the undertaken tests. However, irrespective of the reasons as to why people study, most of the times one would have his mind invaded by different thoughts distracting his concentration.

It is also possible to have one diverted by noises and stories made by one’s roommates, children, and neighbors among others.

With these intrusions, an individual would lose focus and this is what is required to be successful in what one was reading. It is therefore important to identify possible issues that can lead to distraction in order to come up with the most appropriate ways of remaining focused. Here are some tips:

1. Pick the right time and place when reading.

This helps in getting rid of the clear distractions.

For instance, a person would not easily focus if he chooses to study in the presence of friends who are engaged in other activities. Similarly, one would not read well if with music, television, phone, or computer on.

Once the phone vibrates or rings, an individual would be tempted to answer and this would divert his attention.

In understanding how to stay focused, it is recommended that a reader has conducive environment bearing in mind that different learners would stay alert at different circumstances.

This is an indication that no single environment fits all types of students. The right time would also involve studying at the moment when a learner feels comfortable with the schedule such as in the evening or very early in the morning.

The place chosen should not be the classroom or bedroom. But rather a quiet and nice place with a relaxed sitting position such as the library or the office.

2. Take frequent breaks.

How to Increase Your Productivity No Matter Where You Are

In addition, tips for students indicate that instead of succumbing to distraction, a pupil has to take short breaks.

When engaged in 45-minutes of learning, the student should take breaks of between ten and twenty minutes. Taking longer of breaks of over 20 minutes are dangerous for they might lead to forgetting what one was initially studying.

By planning breaks with an alarm, you not miss them or accidentally take longer ones.

Breaks are considered very crucial because they help the brain to recharge after processing the earlier acquired information. Breaks involving walking around should also be taken as an opportunity to improve recalling memory and test scores.

Breaking in between reading is, therefore, a good way of ensuring that a reader does not overburden his brain/mind with information that would not be processed. Taking pauses in between the reading session refreshes the brain and makes it possible to read for long and wide volumes.

3. Staying focused while reading is also linked with staying motivated.

As stated on EssayZoo, there are different forms of distractions for varied learners and this can be addressed by understanding the reason behind one’s studying.

This is done by taking a test or exam as something meant to challenge the reader’s learning. Since a person’s learning would eventually be rated, the process should start by setting a goal.

Even though the set goal should not be unrealistic, it should be challenging so that the learner can perform better than he has been found in the past tests or maybe better than people expect.

Once an individual is able to surprise others based on their expectations, he would feel motivated to continue studying.

Additionally, learning should be motivated with a reward, which acts as a form of self-control by ensuring that a student is compensated for hard work, studying well, being prepared, and performing well in an exam.

Encouragement should also be done by understanding what learning is important, which is different for diverse readers but all meant to enhance attentiveness to achieve personal goals.

4. Getting enough sleep during studying is a vital way of improving concentration.

What It Really Takes to Write a Book [+Free Documentary]

Even though many of the times pupils learn under pressure especially when exams are near, this does not mean an individual should read without sleep.

Just like taking breaks during a day of reading, sufficient sleep refreshes the brain and makes it ready to be fed with and process acquired information.

Learning is successful if one can remember and apply the learned information during a test. This is possible if a person is able to actively concentrate during the planned hours of studying.

According to tips for students, studying for long hours without break or sleep is on strenuous and does not bear the expected results.

Dedicating at least 6-8 hours of sleep ensures that a person wakes up fresh, alert, ready, and relaxed for the day’s scheduled learning activities.

Once ready to learn, a student would be organized and in an ordered place with only the reading materials a person requires, aware of the number of hours to spend on a topic, and the number of breaks he will take including their times.

5. Stay calm to concentrate.

Lastly, remaining focused when learning can be done by practicing concentration.

Once a student has everything he needs on the table, he should not postpone the learning exercise. It is advisable that a pupil is aware of the most crucial information to study first before proceeding to the rest. This is to ensure that one is guided by key concepts that would make the learning enjoyable and encouraging.

Also, practice concentration by not panicking, minimize computer and phone use, don’t listen to music unless it aids in studying, and remaining on topic.

It is notable that by panicking, one would make mistakes.

So make sure you remain calm, take deep breaths, and convince yourself that you read, understand, and pass the exams.

Further, a student should turn the computer, Internet, and the cell phone off to ensure maximum concentration. This is to avoid responding to text messages or searching via the Internet things that are not related to the topic of study.

It is arguable that listening to music when learning acts as a distraction because the learner is provided with additional information to process thus interfering with the real intention of the learning process.

In order to stay on-topic, you shouldn’t explore different subjects at the same time more so when studying boring, complex, and unexciting topics.

Studying would thus be effective if a person remains focused in order to achieve the set goals. Nobody enrolls for a course or learning institution without a goal. This would be achieved if concentration is always at its maximum.

While there are major ways of enhancing attentiveness, the discussed ones in this essay are picking the right time and place, instead of succumbing to distraction, taking short breaks, staying motivated, getting enough sleep, and practicing concentration.

The aim is to ensure that a learner understands the importance of learning and is committed to achieving his intentions.