Building Self-Confidence with The Mirror Technique

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.
 Yoko Ono

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What if I tell you that doing one simple exercise a day can make you confident?

One of the most important characteristics of great leaders is self-confidence. Every successful person looks strong and confident and we hardly believe that once he used to be just an ordinary person with fears and worries.

These people aren’t afraid to look someone in the eyes, to say what they want and to go and get it. They radiate confidence, power, success and determination and many times this helps them win a fight and get what they want without even saying anything.

They had gone through many difficulties until they’ve become who they are.

The relief is that everyone can achieve it. Even if you pretend that you are self-confident, you will look stronger in the eyes of others and they will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Being self-confident is a sign that you believe in yourself, have your goals set and work on them every day, aren’t afraid to make eye contact and are unstoppable once you’ve decided something. It also helps you speak and walk more confidently, look better and feel comfortable with yourself.

And one simple exercise separates you from all that.

This is a technique that most of the people you look up to use every day.

If you have role models, I can guarantee you that at least one of them is doing this every morning. I’m talking about politicians, businessmen, athletes, actors, motivational speakers, professors and many others. They do it every morning/evening, before a competition/meeting/performance/etc., or every time they need a little confidence boost. And it has helped them more than anything. Here it is:

The Mirror Technique

What to do?

Stand in front of a mirror (the bigger, the better). Let the weight of your body be equally divided. Straighten your back and take a deep breath with your chest. Look yourself in the eyes confidently. Put a light smile on your face so that you look determined. Start talking to your reflection. Say things like “I believe in myself!”, “I can!”, “Everyday I get 1% better.”, “I know what I want and aren’t afraid to get it.”

Think about the things you want to achieve and say that you can get them, and there is nothing that can stop you on your way to success. Continue breathing as deep as you can and generate only positive statements and thoughts.

Go on like that for at least 5-10 minutes.

You can always make it longer and add things like what you love most about yourself, your best qualities and recognitions so far. It’s not about bragging and vanity, but about starting to believe in yourself, your potential and possibilities.

How often?

It is best to do it in the morning, preferably as a part of your morning routine. This way you can start your day with energy and go out with confidence.

Others prefer doing it in the evening, or simply whenever they need self-esteem. All you need is to find a mirror and spend 5 minutes alone in front of it.

What results to expect?

After the first few times you do it, you will feel a little difference in your behavior, but it may not last long.

That’s because when you leave the quiet room with the mirror, you go back to reality with its problems, people who are mean and critical to you, disappointments and worries.
And you easily forget the way you felt while practicing confidence, and continue the day as usual.

But please don’t let that stop you. Start doing it twice a day, make it a habit and in a week or two you will see a more confident person in the reflection.

The magic, however, happens in the long term.

After one or two months nobody will be able to deny that you are a different person, or at least look and feel like one. You won’t be afraid to look people in the eyes anymore.
You will become more active, because you will spend every day of yours reaching the goals you’ve set. But this time you will be absolutely sure that nothing will stop you, simply because you won’t let it get in your way.

The best result you’ll have from the exercise is the strength and power your eyes are going to radiate. After that you will also notice how people treat you in a different way, because you won’t be inferior to them anymore. Some may even feel afraid to argue with you as you seem so determined and confident.

Our subconscious is very susceptible to the things we say out loud. Imagine what a big influence this technique will have on it when we combine saying positive statements with looking ourselves confidently in the eyes.

The best way to understand that is to simply perform the exercise.

Don’t forget that almost every athlete has done that before a game, every businessman before an important meeting with a client, even a man/woman before going on a first date, an employee before an interview and so on.

Use this strategy and become an individual with strong character and self-esteem. Let the mirror be your friend!

So would you give that technique a try?

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Lidiya K

Lidiya K

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    1. Thanks!
      Unfortunately I can’t give you any tips on that because it’s not really my field.
      Just google the question you have and I’m sure you’ll find some pretty interesting blogs concerning the subject you’re looking for.
      I checked your writings about self-confidence. Great job! Keep up the good work!

  1. This is a great post, I started doing this a couple of weeks ago for about a week, I’m going to start again tomorrow morning and commit to doing it every day! Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

      1. You are very welcome, Lidiya.

        Do you pronounce your name the same as Lydia? My name is spelled Ledia, but it is pronounced Lydia.

  2. Great post Lidiya. I was introduced to mirror work by Louise Hay and I’m a big believer in the power to change your life!

  3. Affirmations are so effective! Yours is one good example. I find that affirmations in meditation are great for me. Also, what you are talking about is the very basis of prayer and spellcasting, which are basically the same thing: spoken intention that the universe hears.

    1. Well said! I agree with you. A simple habit like having positive affirmations can be a huge deal in our personal development.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. This technique is absolutely essential if one is to learn confidence. You truly have to like the person you see staring back at you, of to get respect from others one must learn to love and respect themselves.

  5. I love this. Have you heard of the rice experiment? It may sound crazy, but I think that our energy is important. I needed this reminder today! Thank you! Even though this is one of your past posts! This is why I love our blogs! Thank you for liking one of my posts! That in turn made me come and check your blog out and what a blessing! I couldn’t help but click follow! I hope we continue on this journey together!

    1. Hi there 🙂 Thanks a lot for stopping by.
      Yes, it is quite an old post, but I still think that technique is important. I haven’t heard of the rice experiement but will google it now. Cheers for sharing it 🙂

    2. I read about it and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before. I will definitely give it a try some day soon and will probably write about it. Amazing 🙂

  6. thank you so very much for this. God bless you. You can’t imagine how it can prove helpful to move life of someone like me.
    I got so many setbacks in my carrier front, failed in many exams, suffered rejections from my father and from my best friend. I lost my self-esteem. Felt like i am good for nothing, though i have so many good qualities. My enviornment also made me feel that way coz pepole only see and appriciate victories of secular world. I am going through so much suffering nowadays that i forget or avoid looking into the mirror. Thanks alot for reminding me to look into mirror.
    I will not give up i will win.
    Lots of gratitude for you.

  7. Thank you for liking my blog! I really appreciate it.

    Your post has a simple, sweet encouragement to it. I like what you said about the subconscious. It really makes me think. I am going to try the techniques you’ve shared.

  8. I liked your post! But am confused as to how to address myself while performing the mirror techniq. Do I address myself as ‘I’ or ‘you’? Please clarify. Thanks.

    1. I think it’s better to say to yourself “I am…” so that you can actually feel it and become more confident. Using “you” creates another separate you and that’s a bit confusing for the mind. But whatever works best for you.

  9. Thank you very much ,,, my confidence is being developed day by day , I am from India and I want to be a very attractive person because till now I don’t have any girlfriend , how do I develop my personality to become very attractive person.

    1. tell yourself you are very attractive and you are delightful to be around..and so on… but it is very important to stay humble and to listen to the woman.

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