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Whether you’re in marketing or sales at a B2B company, there’s no doubt that B2B lead generation is always going to be top of mind for you.

Any revenue-generating department knows that it lives and dies by the number of leads it is able to feed into the sales funnel that ultimately results in closed revenue.

Knowing the importance of generating B2B leads, however, is one thing. But actually getting those leads? That’s quite another task.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few concrete tips for lead generation strategies that you can start implementing today!

1. Leverage a Multichannel Approach

The first thing to consider when trying to generate leads is to leverage a multichannel approach to get in touch with your audience.

A person is much more likely to convert into a hot lead once they have seen and interacted with your brand across multiple platforms.

This is because you build credibility every time that a person sees you adding value on a different channel. When your brand is everywhere that person looks, then your brand is increasingly perceived as an authority in the space. And with that credibility comes higher conversion rates.

So leverage email, social media, direct mail, and as many other channels as possible to entice new leads.

2. A/B Test Every Lead Generation Strategy

When it comes to lead generation, numbers are absolutely crucial. To lower your customer acquisition cost, you need to employ the most effective lead gen strategies at the least cost.

To fulfill the first part of that equation — identifying effective lead gen strategies — you need to measure the strategies you employ so that you can figure out which ones are better than the other. This is precisely the problem that A/B testing solves for.

3. Go to Conferences

Conferences are a goldmine for B2B lead gen.

Most companies are afraid of conferences because of the price tag of registering attendees. But you need to be looking at conference attendance prices as an investment that will generate a positive return.

4. Use Social Media … Effectively

Many B2B marketers and salespeople go wrong with social media.

They spread themselves too thin by trying to focus on every social platform out there. As a result, they become ineffective on all of the platforms.

Instead, take time to focus only on the platforms that are relevant to your particular audience. This allows you to deploy your resources in a way that creates a more effective, narrower social media strategy.

5. Build a Partner Network

The next way to generate B2B leads is to create a partner network.

Work with complementary services in your space to build out a network through which you can refer leads to each other.

B2B Lead Generation, Made Simple

There you have it. Now that you know how B2B lead generation works, all that remains is for you to start implementing these strategies in your business today!

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