How to Make Your Black Friday Sale a Success: My Best Black Friday Tips

Running a Black Friday sale in your business this year? Let me share my best Black Friday tips with you.

By the way, even if you haven’t thought about it (or dared to do it) till now, there’s nothing wrong with doing it last minute. In fact, one of the tips below is all about that.

But first, let me share what you can sell if you don’t have any ideas.

What Black Friday Sale to Run This Year

Percentage-based discount

If you want something quick and easy and don’t have the time to create a new offer or bonus, then simply discount your products.

Create a coupon code for 20%-60% off on all your programs, or on selected products.

Spread the word about it. Be as generous with the sale as you feel like. There’s no right or wrong.


Combine different products in a bundle and sell it at a discount, or add bonuses to an existing offer. An example is my Master Blogger Bundle.

Pre-sell your next year’s offers

Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to let people snag spots to work with you in early 2023, or pay in advance for any new course you’re creating and get an early bird price.

Special ‘clients only’ deal

Make your existing clients feel special by offering them something that will blow their mind.

My hosting provider released a ‘clients only’ deal earlier this month and I’m definitely grabbing it. It was totally unexpected, and they keep on giving.That’s something I like to do in my business too.

Need more ideas? Check out 4 Paid Offers You Can Create TODAY​

And now, let’s move onto my Black Friday tips on how to make the sale profitable.

How to Make Your Black Friday Sale a Success

1. Make it last longer.

Who said it needs to be just for Black Friday itself and/or Cyber Monday? Make it as long as you feel like. 

2. Turn last minute ideas into reality. 

One way to run a Black Friday sale is to prepare a month or a few in advance, and simply follow the steps from the plan.

Or, you can have fun with it (as there’s no right or wrong, really), discount the products you feel like, share surprising offers with your audience and even use the chance to validate those new ideas that have been on your mind.

Someone is ready to pay? Great, now that idea is definitely becoming a reality. 

3. Big discounts are happening now. 

If you like following trends and want to give customers what they are used to, now is the time to offer your biggest discounts for the whole year.

Most people do their shopping now, and in December they focus on getting ready for the holidays, buying gifts, setting their goals, wrapping up work projects, spending time with family, and might not be on socials much or interested in buying any program.

4. Make the most of your biz tools. 

Black Friday is a great chance to utilize the features of your email marketing provider, course platform and any other tools you’re using. 

You can do things such as emailing existing clients/students to offer them a unique discount, following up with those who clicked in the first campaign you sent and start conversations, sending abandoned cart emails, adding countdown timers to your sales page, using live chat on your website, etc.

Here are my fav tools and their deals this year:

Styled Stock Society [stock photo and templates membership]

  • 7000+ stock photos, 1,800+ customizable Canva templates, unlimited downloads, new visuals weekly, etc.
  • Offer: Unlimited, lifetime access to their membership for $600 (ends November 26th 11:59 pm EST)
  • ​Learn more​

WPX Hosting

  • One of the best and fastest web hosting companies (it’s what I use for Let’s Reach Success)
  • Offer: Free months on all their plans.
  • ​Get started.​


  • Another reliable and great web host, but more affordable. I use it for my other website.
  • Offer: Hosting plans are discounted by up to 86% (prices start at $1.99/mo)
  • ​Check them out.​


  • Course platform that lets you create, sell and manage your courses, offer coaching, have an affiliate program, and much more.
  • Offer: Save 35% on all annual plans
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  • 80+ widgets for your website for anything you need (without using any code). I just paid for my second year with them and mostly use them for countdown timers during launches, and pricing tables and FAQs sections on sales page.
  • Offer: Get 50% off (for 24 hours only)
  • ​Learn more

My final tip for your Black Friday Sale is this…

5. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself. 

Don’t sell anything that doesn’t feel right.

Don’t deceive people when it comes to coupon codes, what is available and what deal goes away, deadlines, or any other details around the Black Friday Deals.

This is yet another chance to serve your audience by informing them about your offers and making them more accessible. 

These are the Black Friday tips I have for you today. Hope this was helpful. 

Let me know if you’ll be running a sale this Black Friday or if you have any questions.