• 002: How to Start an Online Business (Tips for Bloggers, Coaches and Influencers)

    bookkeeping tips for self employed women - how to start an online business

    Hey and welcome to episode 2 of the Free and Fearless podcast.
    You’ll now learn the steps you can take to find a business idea and turn it into a profitable venture (while still working full-time).

    I’ll cover the main elements of an online business, regardless of the model you choose. Each of these is important and skipping a step might mean not being able to grow or maintain your business.

    All the things I’m about to share with you today can be found in a checklist I created for you. Grab it for free here:

    Show Notes
    [3:37] 4 questions to ask yourself to come up with the right business idea
    [5:46] How to launch your website and why it matters
    [8:13] What is personal branding
    [9:37] How to keep your brand consistent
    [11:22] Getting started with your content strategy
    [13:17] Ways to promote your content
    [16:08] The next steps of turning your passion into an actual business

    If you want to connect, head to https://letsreachsuccess.com/ or reach out on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/letsreachsuccess/ and share this episode with anyone you think it can benefit.


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