• How Smartphone Technology Can Increase Your Productivity

    With the advent of cheaper Internet packs and the availability of feature-rich Smartphones at affordable rates, many businesses are smartly using the employees to increase productivity and boost revenues. Some of the benefits of using Smartphone for a business include video conferencing, emails on the go, editing and sending the documents while on the move, […]


  • Real-World Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

    Young entrepreneurs often face the challenge of having to do a lot with limited resources, but there’s one thing that’s never in short supply: knowledgeable advice from established business owners already in the field. Millions of people have wisdom to share from their own small-business experiences – today there are 28 million small businesses in […]


  • Live Your Destiny: 3 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

    Live Your Destiny: 3 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

    All successful people have taken the time somewhere at the beginning of their journey to sit down, take some serious decisions, realize what they want and don’t want, and set the right goals that will take them to the ideal lifestyle. To live your destiny, you need to be doing what you’re supposed to do, […]


  • How Networking with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Can Help You Succeed

    Every business owner, or anyone wanting to improve himself and the quality of his life, knows that hard work and patience are an important part of the equation, but there’s one thing worth your attention equally – networking. What’s Networking? According to Wiki, that’s “a socioeconomic business activity by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs meet to […]


  • How to Make Every Day Memorable

    How To Make Every Day Memorable

    Most of the time, people’s minds are occupied with a lot of things, making it impossible to enjoy the present day. It’s a common mistake to neglect living each and every moment of their lives. There are a lot of factors that affect this kind of mindset, primarily due to the busy systematic world people […]


  • How Flexible Working Hours Can Benefit Employees

    Life management can be difficult. The bank, the mechanics, the doctors – all places that have fairly standard opening hours, 9 to 5 (maybe 6 if you’re lucky), Monday to Friday. This is all well and good, but when you also work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, fitting in the necessary activities in life […]


  • How to Ensure Your Cash is Secure

    How to Start an Online Business on The Side

    A large variety of businesses today deal with cash everyday. Although electronic money is becoming increasingly popular, cash in circulation continues to grow. The Bank West Cash report of 2009 suggests that there is a growth of 7% in cash in circulation 12 months prior to the release of the report. But due to a […]