• 5 Uncommon Habits of 5 Famous Entrepreneurs

    How to Get WiFi Anywhere in The World

    I’ve always been absolutely sure that you need to do things differently if you’re tired of getting average results. And the successful entrepreneurs of today are the living proof for that. Each has at least a few unique things that would make him sound crazy if his success wasn’t obvious. Check out 5 such habits […]


  • Effective Decision Making Made Simple: How to Take Decisions Fast

    effective decision making - a simple trick to take decisions quickly

    Effective decision making is an important aspect of life. It means choosing between two or more options, without knowing how this may turn out, but trying to find the most effective solution to a problem. Most people struggle with decision making, it takes them too long, they overthink, get anxious and stressed. But there’s a […]


  • How Not to Start a Business: A Step-By-Step Guide

    life mistake - woman office computer tired home coffee work

    Are you really passionate about a business idea? Who cares about planning; you already have what it takes. Just invest everything you’ve saved so far and hope for the best. If this turns out as a disaster and you go bankrupt, well… at least you’ll be able to say “I tried.” First, let’s hear the […]


  • What Successful People Do When They Wake Up

    what successful people when they wake up in the early morning and before breakfast

    Wondering what successful people do when they wake up? What helps them win the day, clear their mind, go after their goals, be peaceful and not let the chaos of the day get to them? There’s one morning habit they all swear by – journaling in the early hours of the day. Everyone that’s started […]


  • How to Get More Organized in 10 Minutes or Less: A Quick List

    get more organized in less than 10 minutes

    Even the most creative people and those who thrive in chaos secretly want to get more organized. Better personal organization just makes things easier, we become more productive and simplify our daily life. But because the big picture often seems overwhelming, most people don’t even try to figure out how to be organized. When, in […]


  • 7 Awesome Benefits of Getting More Sleep

    benefits of getting more sleep

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 18 to 64 needs at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day. Unfortunately, most adults are unable to get the recommended sleep for variety of reasons such as finishing a deadline or a crying baby next door. In case you rarely visit dreamland, here are […]