• 5 Tips to Help You Boost Your Confidence

    boost your confidence

    Not all of us are blessed with high self-confidence. In fact, I’d even say that there are more people who struggle with believing in their worth than those with high self-esteem. So we may all benefit from learning a couple of confidence boosting tips and tricks. Boost Your Confidence with These 5 Tips 1. Decide […]


  • 4 Exciting Ideas to Ponder This Week

    exciting ideas to ponder

    Short-term motivation and long-term plans. I’ve recently realized that long-term goals are much needed to have a direction in life, but it’s short-term motivation that will keep us going. We basically need to constantly trick our minds into going after a certain goal in life, so that we can ignore the distractions on the way […]


  • 12 Things People Do That Make Them Miserable

    habits of miserable people

    There are things we do daily – often unconsciously – that make us miserable. And a little change in our mindset and attitude towards life can turn it all around. It’s always inspiring to read about happy people, to see how positive they are even in the hardest situations, and to get a taste of […]


  • These 6 Things Will Happen If You Start Your Day at 5 AM

    Jeff Bezos Morning Routine

    If you’re not that productive, don’t have enough time to work on your personal projects and see no progress, here’s the solution: start getting up at 5 am and wonderful things will start happening in your life. Getting up insanely early is the first habit of highly successful people all popular sites write about. Obviously […]


  • 3 Things I Realized About Social Anxiety That Helped Me Overcome It

    3 Things I Realized About Social Anxiety That Helped Me Overcome It

    Social anxiety is the feeling of discomfort when around other people. It’s when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, have many insecurities and doubt and aren’t confident. Many people are afraid of even trying to approach someone new, others can’t have a normal conversation because their mind and body literally block in public. As […]


  • The Surprising Benefits of Knowing Your 2 True Missions in Life

    7 Visualization Techniques You Can Use to Calm Your Mind

    Last Updated: July 28, 2018 I know too many people who have no specific direction in life. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that they can’t get anywhere if they keep it this way. Your mission in life is closely related to this direction, to your goals and dreams, passion and interests, ideal lifestyle, […]


  • How to Improve Your Brain Power In 8 Easy Steps

    improve brain power

    Sometimes, our brains just don’t cooperate with us when we need them to. Either through a lack of focus and concentration or through aging, it’s entirely frustrating when this happens. However, fear not, as there is a way in which we can help to improve our brain power so that we can achieve our goals […]