• Good Morning Quotes to Start the Day

    9 Unexpected Benefits of Coffee: From Reducing Depression to Healing Cancer

    There’s always been something magical about mornings. Not the ones in which you get up at noon and feel lazy for the rest of the day. Or when you don’t hear the first alarm, sleep in and start the day in such a hurry that you forget many things, are grumpy and can’t do anything […]


  • How Letting Go Saves You from Procrastination

    7 Bad Relationship Habits to Quit Right Away to Rebuild Trust and Love

    Imagine a world where procrastination doesn’t exist. People won’t feel stressed, overwhelmed or upset just by looking at their tasks for the day. No one would complain about, analyze, fear or put off what needs to be done. They will just do it. By simply starting, being focused, doing a small part of it, and […]


  • The Origin of Suffering: 14 Things That Make Us Unhappy

    Here are 10 great ways you can be part of making the Earth more eco-friendly and contribute to society and environment:

    Do you think that life makes us learn and grow? For me, every single moment is a proof of that. Here’s why: We are all happy when things go right. It’s easy to be contented, in peace and grateful, when you do the things you enjoy, are healthy, have money, are in a good relationship, […]


  • Who We Really Are

    The 7 Advantages of Working While Studying

    Who am I? We’ve all heard that question many times. Mostly in our heads. And I’ve been there too. But I finally found a proper answer that will make me stop asking it. If we think about it, it causes us too much stress. The question itself is not the problem, but all the worries, […]


  • 20 Deep Things I’ve Realized About Life

    become emotionally independent

    We’re all seeking meaning in life, looking for truths, trying to find out who we are and what we’re doing here. Check out these deep thoughts about life that will make you think and look at your path from a new perspective: 1. We’re all creative. There’s no such thing as not being a creative […]