• 8 Things to Stop Doing in Your Relationship

    I meet men and women all the time who admit that sometimes they think relationships are overrated. For one reason or another they struggle more than they should. It is true that relationships don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like and with the divorce rate at 50%, let’s not pretend they are a piece […]


  • 5 Ways to Take Your Entrepreneurial Aspirations to The Next Level

    entrepreneurial aspirations

    This is a guest post by Adnan Afzal, co-founder of Technorian, a budding tech-based entrepreneurial venture determined to make its mark. Firm believer in the power of significant online presence, Technorian extends top-notch development and maintenance services. Having entrepreneurial aspirations but don’t know what step to take first? Here’s a different, smarter approach you can […]


  • 6 Bad Habits That Steal Your Productivity

    bad habits that steal your productivity

    We do have bad habits, whether we admit it or not. And if we’re not satisfied with the progress we see in life, we aren’t good at time management and don’t get much done throughout the day, then they are more dangerous than we imagine. Because they not only steal, but kill our productivity. There’s […]


  • Can’t Sleep? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Change That

    what to do if you can't sleep

    Can’t sleep well? Waking exhausted in the morning? Needing regular naps throughout the day? Using coffee and other stimulants to keep yourself awake? That’s not the right way to live life. Instead, you should be falling asleep at the same time every day, having a quality night’s sleep and waking super fresh in the morning […]


  • How to Have a Zen Mind in Everyday Life

    have a zen mind in everyday life

    The human mind is a time traveler. Much of its waking moments, and even when it is dreaming, are spent either thinking about tomorrow, or longing for yesterday. And there is nothing wrong with that. We need to project into the future where all our dreams lay, and reflecting on the past hopefully will help […]


  • 5 Tips to Help You Boost Your Confidence

    boost your confidence

    Not all of us are blessed with high self-confidence. In fact, I’d even say that there are more people who struggle with believing in their worth than those with high self-esteem. So we may all benefit from learning a couple of confidence boosting tips and tricks. Boost Your Confidence with These 5 Tips 1. Decide […]


  • 4 Exciting Ideas to Ponder This Week

    exciting ideas to ponder

    Short-term motivation and long-term plans. I’ve recently realized that long-term goals are much needed to have a direction in life, but it’s short-term motivation that will keep us going. We basically need to constantly trick our minds into going after a certain goal in life, so that we can ignore the distractions on the way […]


  • 12 Things People Do That Make Them Miserable

    habits of miserable people

    There are things we do daily – often unconsciously – that make us miserable. And a little change in our mindset and attitude towards life can turn it all around. It’s always inspiring to read about happy people, to see how positive they are even in the hardest situations, and to get a taste of […]