• 5 Habits I’m Doing Daily This Month

    How to Stop Procrastinating and Finally Start Your Own Business

    Habits are what sets one person apart from another over a long period of time. After all, what we do daily is what our life looks like. At least for now. I’m constantly trying to start new successful behaviors, change habits and kick bad ones. With some I succeed, with others I don’t. But I […]


  • The Best Exercise to Build The Willpower Muscle

    healthy and productive while working from home - let's reach success

    Willpower is like a muscle – the more you train it, the stronger it gets. There are many little things we can do to practice it. But always keep in mind that it’s a finite resource and if we do too many things that requite willpower in the first part of the day, we may […]


  • How to Be the Change You Want to See in The World

    Here are 10 great ways you can be part of making the Earth more eco-friendly and contribute to society and environment:

    To be the change in the world. That’s one of the most famous quotes in the world, we’ve heard it many times, and thought about it many more. And yet one rarely does something about it. It’s true – if you want to change the world for the better, you need to start with yourself. […]


  • Leveling Up in The Game of Life

    4 Amazing Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

    We’re all playing the game of life every day – completing quests, trying to level up, competing with others and ourselves, and having goals to reach. Some consider it hard, refuse to play and decide to be spectators – living the average life and never seeing themselves become who they are meant to be. For […]


  • Hack Longevity: Social Life

    How to Really Live Life on Your Own Terms

    Longevity depends a lot on social life. Ironic, I know. Basically, other people in our life have a say in how long we’re going to live. That’s the big picture. But, also, it all depends on us. It’s our reaction to what they do and say, our attitude towards them and whether we let them […]