5 Cloud Computing Advantages and Benefits for Businesses 86

5 Cloud Computing Advantages and Benefits for Businesses

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Cloud computing technologies have gotten a lot more popular among businesses in the last few years.

While the basic principles behind cloud computing have existed for quite some time already, the demand for technologies allowing businesses to store and process large amounts of data remotely has resulted in a lot of innovation related to cloud-based technologies.

New products and services are being developed on a regular basis to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes in today’s world. Cloud computing has a wide range of benefits for businesses that adopt it and many companies are starting to move some of their IT resources to the cloud after becoming aware of everything it has to offer.

Improved Operation Efficiency

Cloud computing lets businesses of all sizes take advantage of third-party servers to run some of their business processes and operations.

Smaller businesses can especially benefit from this, as it allows them to access powerful IT resources without having to make large investments in hardware infrastructure. The cloud lets businesses grow and handle larger amounts of data without having to worry about maintaining their own servers.

With cloud technologies, businesses can use various managed service providers and infrastructure as a service to power their global expansion. This eliminates the need for building and maintaining expensive data centers in multiple locations.

With the cloud, small and medium-sized businesses can now compete with larger corporations that do business on a worldwide scale.

Cloud computing also has many benefits that larger companies can take advantage of, most notably the ability to build a modular organization. Cloud-based services let smaller teams within an organization work together, no matter where they are located. As organizations become more modular, they’re also less likely to be affected if a particular department in their unit is having problems.

Significant Cost Savings

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One of the main reasons why so many businesses today are drawn to the cloud is because of the large cost savings that this technology can offer them.

Cloud computing enables businesses to lower their IT budgets, as the hardware and software they use is maintained by external providers. Many companies will still need to have some IT professionals as part of their staff. But moving operations to the cloud can reduce the need of having a dedicated IT department.

Startups are among the biggest users of cloud-based technologies.

They lower the costs associated with starting a business and growing it through innovation. As cloud resources are efficiently shared by multiple businesses, this results in cost savings for everyone involved.

Using the cloud has the potential of making cooperation among businesses simpler and less expensive due to the fact that applications hosted on cloud servers can share data more easily.

Storage and Security

The cloud is one of the most convenient and secure ways for businesses to store all the data they need to use on a regular basis in a central location.

The fact that data is stored remotely instead of on local devices ensures that it will be fully accessible from anywhere. Security in the cloud has improved greatly in the past few years. Cloud providers now use sophisticated security technologies and let users encrypt their data to keep it safe from potential breaches.

Mobility and Flexibility

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As the global workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, many employees want to do their work either from home or by using their own mobile devices. Cloud computing makes it a lot easier for a company’s team members to work remotely while enjoying all of the benefits that would come from being in their office.

Cloud computing has been largely responsible for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

Workers can now use their own laptops, smartphones and tablets to securely access a company’s network, gaining access to the resources they need to get the job done. Whether it’s working from home or sharing files with a colleague on a business trip halfway around the world, cloud computing makes it possible.

Customer Interaction

Cloud computing has not only changed the way businesses work internally, but also the manner in which they interact with their customers.

It powers online shopping sites, letting consumers shop for products and services at any time. The cloud also provides powerful data sharing functionality. Content delivery networks have servers around the world that are able to deliver interactive content like videos to website visitors a lot faster than if these were stored on a local server.

As cloud-based technologies are designed with cross-platform compatibility in mind, they enable data sharing across all desktops and mobile devices, regardless of which operating system they’re running.

The popularity of cloud computing has grown exponentially in the last few years, as businesses ranging from startups to multinational corporations realize the immense benefits that it can bring them.

Businesses get access to powerful and versatile IT resources at a fraction of what it would cost to acquire and maintain local infrastructure like servers. Cloud-based technologies are truly transforming our world by giving businesses the tools they need to function far more efficiently than ever before.

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How Co-Working Spaces Can Be a Great Benefit for Entrepreneurs 4

How Co-Working Spaces Can Be a Great Benefit for Entrepreneurs

It seems like co-working spaces are becoming a huge thing. More and more entrepreneurs out there decide to ditch their traditional office and take their business to a co-working space.

And if you’re running your own business, chances are you’re already aware of some of the benefits co-working spaces bring. However, here, you’ll find a few more reasons why joining a co-working space makes a lot of sense.

12 Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

1. Low startup cost

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably looking for premises that won’t drain your budget. By moving to a co-working space, you’ll eliminate the costs of fire insurance, office equipment and various similar expenses.

Not only that this will help you save money, but less time and energy will be needed for sourcing things like this.

2. Increased flexibility

Another great reason to opt for a co-working space is increased flexibility.

This means that the more your business keeps growing, the easier it will be for you to expand your office space. Most of the experts who are running co-working spaces will allow you to tailor your contract according to how well you’re doing.

3. Less risk

improve networking skills

When moving into a traditional office, there’s always a chance you’ll lose the money you’ve invested in it if your business fails. And selling all the office equipment and furniture isn’t always going to be easy. But if you take your business to a co-working space, you won’t have to worry about risks like this.

4. Short setup time

One of the biggest problems small businesses face when moving into a traditional office is the long setup time.

For small businesses, time is an important asset and the last thing you want is to lose money while moving. Luckily, with co-working spaces, not too much time is needed in order to get everything in the right place.

5. Fast internet

Modern-day businesses in just any industry need internet and they need it to be fast. This is probably the case with your business as well and fast internet is another reason to join a co-working space. And even if there’s something wrong with the connection, you won’t be the one having to deal with the issue.

6. Collaborative atmosphere

Some people would have you believe that having people from other companies around your team makes them less productive. But the truth is, it’s easier to perform when you know there are other teams doing the same right next to you.

Another important thing to mention is that too much familiarity traditional offices offer makes your employees less productive.

7. More opportunities for networking

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When running your own small business, you’ll have to put some extra effort into meeting as many businesspeople as possible. The more of them you meet, the better. If you decide to move into a co-working space, you’ll have all the networking opportunities you need.

8. Easier to get

Let’s face it, finding a perfect traditional office for your business is difficult. What’s even more difficult is actually obtaining that office.

With co-working spaces, you won’t have to worry about things like this. This is the case because there are plenty of these out there you’ll be able to choose from.

9. More flexible access

Most co-working spaces out there are run by its landlord and the building management. What this means is that your employees will be able to work whenever necessary, since the office will be open even during Sundays and public holidays.

Also, when working on a big project, your employees will be able to access the office 24/7.

10. Better design

letsreachsuccess.com action guides

Another issue many entrepreneurs face is designing their office. Not only that this can take money, but it also requires a lot of effort.

However, with most co-working spaces out there, what you’re going to get is a beautiful office you can move into. This means your new office might be equipped with things like a green wall and comfy furniture.

11. Premium brand imagery

In the business world, it’s very important that you give your brand a boost by using premium facilities. In fact, this is something that’ll help your business obtain more loyal brand followers. When working in a co-working space, you’ll be provided with all the nice-looking facilities your brand needs.

12. Happy hours

No matter how many employees you have, they’ll want to be surrounded by people they consider friends. If you join a co-working space, there will be plenty of opportunities for your employees to hang out with other people from the building. This translates to more drinks after work and more motivated employees.

Co-working spaces really are the way to have it all without having to break the bank. So, no matter if you’re moving from your garage or a traditional office, you’ll definitely want to think about joining one of these. Luckily, more and more co-working spaces are popping up all over the world.


This is a guest post by Derek Lotts.

It seems like co-working spaces are becoming a huge thing. More and more entrepreneurs out there decide to ditch their traditional office and take their business to a co-working space.  And if you’re running your own business, chances are you’re already aware of some of the benefits co-working spaces bring. However, here, you’ll find a few more reasons why joining a co-working space makes a lot of sense.