How much money can you make blogging - ideas for side hustles

Many online businesses start as ideas for side hustles that somebody believed in, worked hard for and stayed consistent with. And you can do the same.

A side hustle is any project you start from scratch that has the potential to make extra cash. It’s all online these days and can happen from the comfort of your home.

Another great thing about side hustles other than their potential to turn into something big in no time is that they can be done while working full-time. Side hustlers dedicate all their free time to their new business idea and soon that effort pays off.

The ideas for side hustles you’ll see below are in niches that anyone can enter. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience, then you’ll do the research. But you can also choose something you’re passionate about and make the process of starting a side business much easier.

In fact, such side hustle ideas to make money can be tested no later than this weekend. Eliminate distractions, take a firm decision that you want to start earning an income online and know this is the way out of the corporate world.

A few more important things about the home business ideas below:

  • They are low cost – you can launch them for cheap or even for free;
  • All can be started with no experience;
  • Each can be the foundation of your digital business;
  • Each can turn into a passive income stream in the future;
  • The beginning is the hardest;
  • You need to build some skills along the way;
  • Putting in the hours during your free time is a must;
  • All side hustles in the list of business ideas are profitable;
  • Each side business provides the opportunity to scale quickly;
  • You can test as many ideas for side hustles from your laptop as you wish.

So, without further ado, let’s see what ways to make money from home are hidden in the ideas for side hustles in the following list:

6 Profitable Ideas for Side Hustles

1. Earn money freelancing.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Workspace a Makeover

The quickest way to start earning more is by offering your services online and getting paid. Also known as freelancing, this is something anyone can give a try.

Landing your first client is the hard part. From then on, you’ll be building your skill, improving your personal brand, doing more work, increasing your rates, etc.

Whether that’s freelance writing, web design, programming, social media marketing, virtual assistance, or else, get started this weekend.

Such ideas for side hustles are based on a skill you already have or something you’re at least good at. For me, it was writing but I began with absolutely no experience or confidence that I’ll ever make money from it.

Practicing it long enough, however, allowed me to become a location independent freelance writer.

2. Driving and Delivery

One easy way to earn a little extra on your schedule is by driving for

Drivers can log in when they have free time, do a bit of driving, and head home when they’ve had enough. This is the perfect way to supplement your usual income if you have a free night once or twice a week.

If you live in touristy areas, this can be especially lucrative. Rides to and from the airport can cost passengers up to $100 depending on the distance.

Crank your tunes, drive wearing casual clothes, and earn extra cash. It’s simple and stress-free to get hired as a driver for a ride-share service as well.

The process involves registering, running a few tests on the vehicle, and then getting started.

3. Invest in cryptocurrency.

The next one on the list of ideas for side hustles definitely isn’t for everyone. But if you’re passionate about technology and have the mindset of an investor, you can get to know how cryptocurrencies work.

They are changing the future, the way money works and are impacting billions of people over the world. So instead of staying away from it, it makes sense to understand the basics.

That includes:

  • How cryptocurrency works;
  • Types of cryptocurrency;
  • What is blockchain mining;
  • What are the risks of investing bitcoin;
  • How to buy and exchange bitcoin;
  • What factors drive what’s next for cryptocurrency;

And more.

Start educating yourself. This side hustle business idea has a bigger learning curve but can change the rest of your life. Learn more about crypto at TheBankly.

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4. Blogging

Freelance bloggers can work from home, which makes it an appealing side job for those with free time. Blogging pays a little bit more than driving or delivery and doesn’t involve any wear and tear on your vehicle. 

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can do it wherever. Work early mornings while on vacation to supplement the fact that you are missing a week’s worth of work and a week worth of money.

5. Dog Walking

Apps are making all the difference in the side hustle. There are now apps available that allow you to sign up as a dog walker and get jobs instantly without having any connections.

While you used to have to generate business by word of mouth, now it’s all accessible whenever.

The same goes for house cleaning, nanny jobs, and more. Find the app or site and get registered to start earning and saving toward your goals.

The best part of dog walking is that you get to be out getting fresh air and enjoying the company of adorable furry friends. That beats working at the office any day.

6. Get Creative

Speaking of apps, your creative ventures don’t require an entrepreneur’s eye to make it to market. Before the advent of online marketplaces, selling art or clothing meant taking business meetings with retailers to get your stuff on the shelves.

Now it’s much more straightforward and can be done without a business degree or a network of connections.

Take your crafty DIY projects, your art, thrift hauls, and creative talents and sell them online. Anyone can start a business quickly, and you don’t need to spend hours in the hot sun at a craft fair to get your products in front of people.

Join one of many online marketplaces and sell old clothing, jewelry, crafts, and decor. It’s easy and fun to upcycle and create, and now you can make money doing it.

The Bottom Line

Saving up for those extra things in life can take time. It can be disheartening to know that the next time you’ll be able to buy a gift for your loved one is a year from now, or the next vacation you can afford will be less than optimal.

With these side hustles, though, you can reach your goals faster than before. Drive for rideshare, write blogs on the side, walk dogs, or sell DIY projects online. However you choose to make your money, the market is more accessible than ever. 

Hope you enjoyed this list of ideas for side hustles. There are many more and I’ll try to create more articles like that as I see that still many people aren’t familiar with all the opportunities to make money from home.

If you’re ready to give a business idea a try this weekend, good luck!

A side hustle is any project you start from scratch that has the potential to make extra cash. Here are 4 great ideas for side hustles that you can start from home to earn quick cash: