How I Earned $3,650 Blogging Last Month [Income Report]

Anyone who has ever worked retail has probably dreamed of the following scenario a few times:

Customer: (incoherent complaining)

You: (Sigh)

Customer: This is outrageous, I’m never shopping here again. What bad customer service. Let me speak to your manager!

You: But ma’am, I am the manager!

There’s a sense of pride in being the manager, not just because you get to tell some whiny customers off, but because you worked your way up. You may have started as a cashier but now, you’re the head of the store.

There are plenty of people out there who would like to have this sense all the time. They’d like to be their own boss, make the big decisions and be in control.

If you’re someone who is looking for one of those jobs, here is a quick list to help you start thinking.

1. Construction

If you’re someone who likes to get outside, work using your hands and carry around a bunch of great tools, construction and handyman work is the way to go.

There are plenty of options in this field gives you and some that will probably develop over time with the rise of technology in the construction business.

You can work as:

  • Bricklayer
  • Painter
  • Carpenter
  • Brickmason
  • Plumber

Beyond that, you can specialize in other parts of construction, like windows, roofing, foundation and more. 

2. Writer

Unless you’re someone like James Patterson or Lee Child, you’re not going to be making money hand over fist but this doesn’t mean that you can’t carve out a successful writer for a career.

Despite video content and podcasting becoming a more popular media tool, writing is still quite important. Writers are always needed in advertising, marketing, SEO, blogging and more.

Carving out a career as a writer takes some time but the more you practice your craft the better you’re going to get.

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3. Event Planning/Preparation

Weddings are a huge business just about everywhere and they aren’t the only party in town. Birthday parties, corporate events, gender reveal parties, baby showers and more are just some of the big events people are used to celebrating these days.

Event planning, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and DJing are all in the entertainment sphere. You’ll probably be driving around a lot, but you’ll definitely have some great stories to tell!

4. Driver

Once again roping two jobs together, driving is a way that plenty of people are earning a living.

With Uber and Lyft, signing up is incredibly easy. Just make sure your car meets the required specifications and your license is up to date.

You can also work as a trucker, which blurs the line between being your own boss and working for a company. It depends on where you work, as many drivers pick up jobs when they can.

5. Property Owner

Out of all the jobs listed so far, this is probably the most difficult but the one where you will see the biggest return for your investment. 

As a property owner, you’ll wear many hats from manager to landlord to handyman and even bill collector. Starting out in property management is difficult, as you’ll need a good bit of money up front. 

Before you go into property management, make sure it’s something you want to do. You don’t want to be caught in a financial black hole and a job you hate doing.

6. Consulting

Consulting is one of the more wide-open jobs out there. Even the name isn’t very specific as to what people actually do.

Essentially, consultants are outsourced people who can help with a variety of things in business like growth, marketing, sales and more.

For this, you’ll need to have a solid resume before you decide to branch out as an independent consultant.

7. Teaching

While you may think that all teaching jobs are limited to schools, there are plenty of people who are turning to the internet to start their teaching career.

Go on any job board and you’ll find numerous English teaching online platforms that usually have very little requirements.

Most simply require you to have a college degree and be a native English speaker. You’ll have to go through a small interview process and training period but after that, it’s pretty easy to go ahead and get started. 

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