Mornings are hard.

Not only do you have to wake up, but you also have to adjust to the idea that there is an entire day looming ahead. You need to be on time for work, look presentable, and be productive.

For most of us, rising in the morning is no easy task. We spend too much time up the night before thumbing through our social media apps, or watching TV, or just plain not sleeping.

But the truth is that mornings are very important. They alone dictate the rest of your day.

If you’re like most of the world, you’ll want to read these life hacks on how to jump start your morning – as the key to a healthy and productive day, is first having a great morning.

1. A glass of water with lemon.

Trust us on this one. If you drink a warm glass of water filled with lemon immediately upon rising, it alkalizes the body. It’s been scientifically proven to aid with digestion, weight loss, and rehydration.

Many who have adopted the practice and incorporated it into their routine say that a warm glass of water with lemon kick starts their system better than coffee.

That’s because the body becomes accustomed to drawing energy from the lemon, which then allows for energy early in the morning.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

It’s crazy that after leaving home and no longer having the luxury of mother’s cooking, breakfast becomes so irrelevant. We should’ve listened when she told us not to skip breakfast.

For many of us, our breakfast consists of a coffee, maybe a quick bite, and that’s it. But feeding the body the appropriate nutrients upon awaking allows for long lasting energy. Right, that means we’re not talking about waffles and pancakes, but a well-balanced, healthy meal.

3. Sleeping routine.

This one’s huge. Nick Evans of Frontier Properties says ‘without a sleeping routine, there’s little chance of maintaining a consistent stream of energy.’

This one is especially important because it trains the body to react in a certain way. If you’re missing out on sleep and not making up for it by resting at other times, your body is going to be tired. It’ll be easier for stress to take over. You’ll be less productive.

But a sleeping routine is all about training the body to understand when it’s time to be tired, and when it’s time to have a surplus of energy. Of course, this means there’s work involved.

Set a sleep schedule that you can control. Cut caffeine out of your system seven hours before bedtime. Drink lots of water. Don’t eat right before bed. Hit your bedtime mark every night. Cut off technology and do things like read to help your mind turn off.

If you can sleep for a consistent eight to ten hours every night, your energy level and health will improve immensely.

4. Exercise.

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Oh, the power of exercising. Yes, yes. It’s understandable.

You have such a heavy schedule amidst the pressures of daily life (single, married, or whatever) and you just can never find time to get your body moving. But that’s no excuse.

We know what exercise does. We know how important it is for the preservation of the human body, so we won’t even go into that. But for sleep, it does wonders. Not only does it carry oxygen to your entire body, but it allows you natural fatigue (making it easier to rise in the morning).

Don’t have the time? Make the time. Take a look at these 10-minute-workouts you can fit easily into your schedule.

5. Take a cold shower.

Yes – this would certainly wake anyone up. But it’s more about the routine of rising, bringing your lazy self to the bathroom, and taking a shower that’s going to startle your senses.

There’s a reason multiple different military programs force their recruits to shower in the cold when awakening. All the senses are fired – forcing the brain to follow suit.

A healthy morning is the key to a productive day. Create a routine, figure out what works for you, stick to it, and start leading a healthier, energized, more productive lifestyle.

A healthy morning is the key to a productive day. Create a routine, figure out what works for you, stick to it, and start leading a healthier, energized, more productive lifestyle with these 5 tips: #morningroutine #dailyroutine #selfcaretips