Life transformation is that we all think of doing at some point. Life transforms only if we concentrate on our present, learn from the past, and believe in the future.

Let me tell you all this in some easy steps with one-minute life hacks that can surely transform your life.

Changes come with challenges. Change is inevitable. We cannot avoid changes to come in our life, some accept it, while some deny it.

But trust me, I have tried to fend from the changes, but we all have to accept it and face it in more positive ways. Following these one-minute life hacks even in the workplace can transform your entire thinking style.

Fulfill all your dreams & desires.

In my childhood, I used to dream of becoming a prince and having my own castle.

I’m sure many of you have dreamt of something similar, but as we grow up, all our dreams start fading away.

One minute of dreaming and planning for your future, and taking some time at the office, can surely transform your life.

Take a one-minute walk.

A short walk can give you energy, just like a cup of coffee.

When you are done with your important tasks and meetings, get up and take a one-minute walk. You can do it with a colleague or alone. This one minute can transform your work performance and energy levels.

Go for it and see the difference for yourself.

You can try, DEAR time. When I used to work a full-time job, my boss told me about this smart life hack. It means Drop Everything and Rest. You can do this while sitting at your desk too.

Challenge yourself.

Challenges are a part of everyone’s life.

Challenge yourself for one minute to bring back the ample amount of energy for completing the task and regain the power to work.

Challenges can be overcome if we do it in a playful manner. So let’s play a game with your whole team in the office premises.

I am sure there are many people in the office who love to play badminton or maybe a game of basketball. Try playing a few games during lunch breaks in the office and see the positive change in yourself.

Minute to win.

In today’s competitive world, teamwork and maintaining enthusiasm at the workplace are becoming strenuous.

To beat the opposition employers, have keen cognizance of keeping the employees happier and motivated to work.

A minute can work wonders. It can either be a quick meditation session, a team play, a group activity, or else.

Set goals.

Small achievements allow us to accomplish more.

60 seconds can be helpful for setting and planning smaller goals.

Successful people always start small, but they are also visionaries and see themselves at the finish line. Be it for writing a book, completing a project, etc.

Small goals give a brief glimpse of the success outcome, which motivates us to  actually perform the task.

Eliminate negativity.

Negativity leads to depression and loss of identity.

Stop spending time with people who cannot inspire or motivate you. A minute with the right people, though, can bring joy, luck, love and happiness.

Clear the mess.

If we calculate it, it takes almost a minute to clear up the mess on our desk daily.

As you enter the office, take a moment to do so and then start your day fresh and with energy.

Setting aside this one minute for your desk can surely not just transform your life, but make you feel good and be productive till the evening.

Answer emails in one minute.

Read all the important emails one by one and reply back within one minute.

Avoid the emails that aren’t urgent or essential for that one important minute. You can read through them afterward.

Doing this quick exercise will not just save you time, but make you an effective worker too.

Stress buster.

As little time as one minute can be a stress buster for a joyful living.

With the tremendous advancement in technology, even a quick gaming session can be a stress reliever for many of us.

Balance your life.

Work is sacred but it’s equally important to balance your personal life too.

Pick up your mobile, dial your friends or well-wisher’s number for a minute to re-energize yourself.


In today’s world, everything happens fast and we lose the connection with our inner self. A minute of yoga and/or meditating is what we all need.

Meditation helps in 2 ways:

  • Focus: Breathing in and exhaling for a minute helps with regaining concentration.
  • Happiness: By meditating, you will feel much lighter and happier. When you are happy, you tend to be more motivated and optimistic.

In the fast-growing economy, many companies are adopting such one-minute life hacks.

Even our Prime Minister is focusing on getting the major benefits of meditation before getting to work for the day.

Don’t you think you should also adopt such practices?

It is rightly said that life doesn’t change in a minute, but taking a decision after thinking for one minute can certainly change your life. Take a deep breath and start your life more consciously.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Danish Wadhwa, a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. Founder of Worduct.