It’s not surprising that the modern world is a constantly developing entity. Nowadays we can do everything with the help of the Internet.

This applies to the corporate concepts as well. People created so many incredible professions that were impossible to imagine 50 years ago. Now, the usual concept of office work is also different.

More and more firm employees and freelancers work from home, without changing their pajamas for a business suit.

They contact the employer via the Internet or by phone. They carry out assignments, send them to the customer, take new ones and perform well by making decisions independently as well as finding time to rest and work.

Not convinced yet? Then read the following 5 reasons why it’s better for people to work remotely:

5 Advantages of Distance Work

1. Productivity.

You are probably surprised to see this word here. No doubt, you think the office is the best place to focus on task. In fact, everything is just the opposite.

In a cozy home atmosphere, a person is even more focused. The employee is not distracted by casual conversations with colleagues, calls, music or even some kind of noise.

Plus, at home, an individual won’t be affected by stresses like “Did I forget to turn off the iron?”, “Will I be able to leave early?” or many other annoying issues.

Remote work from home excludes any stress, psychological pressure, or irritation. Unlike with work in the office, no one will assign the employee more tasks to do at home. Meaning that everything depends on the person’s motivation, which would only increase the productivity.

2. Flexibility.

Working remotely, your employee can live anywhere. One can do their own job even on vacation, without getting out of the schedule.

Of course, this is not a universal option, but some freelancers purposefully leave to other countries for some time, where life is much cheaper than in their native country.

Again, it is possible because the work doesn’t bind them to a certain place. Such person can take a new task at any time.

Another point of flexibility, jobs that can be done from home fit the larger range of people compared to a simple office job. In other words, an activity of this kind is available to everyone.

Whether you are a student or a retiree, no matter if you are always on the go, you don’t need education or expensive clothes for the interview.

You can just try new things in various tasks, improving your skills and earnings day by day with your interest and actual work.

3. Saving.

The First 5 Steps on The Path to Inner Fulfillment

Such things as saving money, time, and even ecology form an important point for many employees. Well, a freelancer does not need to spend money on transport, office clothes, and lunches in a cafe. Accordingly, there is more money for life.

It really motivates the employee to bring work to home and afford even more. Besides, the employee doesn’t need to spend time on the road to and back from the office, which leaves more resources for the important things.

As for the environment, everything is simple. It can be boldly assumed that the more people work remotely, the less traffic jams there will be.

It’s also not a secret that our astronomical use of fossil fuels is not doing the environment any favors. The more companies continue to promote alternative work variants that cut down on the need for various fossil fuels, the better impact businesses will have on the world.

Finally, the amount of energy expended on electricity in offices is quite impressive, so you can easily save up on that as well.

4. Freedom.

Another point is in favor of motivation. A person has the opportunity to decide when to work and when to rest. It is possible to plan the day perfectly, as the brain activity of each person is individual.

Work at home allows one to use the time efficiently. This is also a great opportunity to be close to relatives instead of spending most of the day at work.

During the breaks, there is an opportunity to do something useful: physical activity, business, communication, or even chores.

In addition, you can ignore any weather conditions. In case of illness, the employee can safely do his or her job instead of going to the office and infecting others. In general, a number of advantages regarding freedom can be almost endless.

5. Breaking stereotypes.

Finally, you, as the chief, will be able to change the most common and yet inefficient characteristics of office work. 8-hour schedule in the workplace, procrastination time, casual talks with colleagues, and many unimportant tasks.

That is, the person focuses on the actual work.

Add to that the fact that it’s easier to avoid demotivation. For example, a person working distantly is self-motivated, but regular office workers are often distracted by their fellow colleagues procrastinating.

It’s much better not to see them. And such an employee has the opportunity to develop and improve his or her skills.

Also, a freelancer can break the stereotypes about the career ladder. After all, in order to be the best, it is not necessary to shift someone from the pedestal.

In any case, everything is up to you. If you give your employees the opportunity to work at home, they will definitely be happy, and it will be useful for you.

Happy employees are the best workers.

In essence, all these features of a distance work will only benefit your business.

Remote workers clearly enjoy the freedom of choosing when or where to work.

In fact, 91% assert that they get more work done outside of the office.

The highest earning employees are not the happiest.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, those who were earning $75,000 to 99,999 rated 8.36 and were the happiest. The happiness meter gradually declines as the salary goes higher after that.

Managers should stop over communicating.

A lot of managers want to monitor their employees every single time. According to the research, this actually affects the happiness of employees.

Most of them (34%) would only prefer being in contact with their supervisor just once per week.

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