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Owning a business is both complex and demanding. There are employees to manage, finances to track, and sales to make, and each area has its own series of essential documents.

With the staggering number of tasks being performed in one office, it is no wonder staying organized is a challenge for many businesses.

Fortunately, technology has given business owners different machines to help them stay organized.

Organizing documents and reports can be managed with the best binding machines available, and information security is enhanced by using paper shredders, but it does not end there.

Read on for a more in-depth look at the 5 machines that can help businesses stay organized.

Binding Machines

Running a business means organizing a variety of paperwork. Employee handbooks, presentations, business plans, and quarterly reports all consist of several pages of information.

If left unorganized, these pages can get lost, damaged, or have pages out of place, making the business look unprofessional and creating workplace headaches.

Binding machines are an excellent way to reign in the unruly stacks of paper that end up on every business owner’s desk.

These machines use a plastic spiral in combination with a series of hole punches to bind pages together.

There are even machines available that will bind pages so they lay flat, making them far more practical for taking notes and stacking.

Paper Shredders

Information security has been at the forefront of the public’s mind for some time. With data breaches happening every day, businesses must find a strategy for managing sensitive documents containing private information.

When companies make security a priority, they protect their customers and themselves against a potentially serious threat.

Paper shredders quickly and easily destroy documents that contain vital, private information that is either no longer needed or has been digitally backed up.

Rather than having piles of papers stacked in boxes, waiting to be thrown into a dumpster, or taken to the next mass paper shredding event, businesses can take matters into their own hands by using this remarkable tool.


Frequently, office employees see their break room walls or common hallways plastered with notices and announcements. Cluttered papers that are prone to tearing or being accidentally ripped down contribute to a disorganized office aesthetic.

Messy work areas are a bother to employees, making it essential to prioritize organization.

Business owners may also find themselves needing to protect valuable documents from becoming damaged, or needing to enhance the professional look of a presentation. In these instances, a dedicated office laminator is an ideal solution.

Finishing Machines

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For business owners who value the aesthetic of an organized look, finishing machines are an excellent addition to their office equipment.

Finishing machines can add a variety of final touches, including envelope printing, paper folding, paper scoring, and booklet makers.

For the savvy business owner, there are finishing machines that can cut business cards, making it quick and easy for them to print cards for themselves and employees. There are many more kinds of finishing machines so business owners can get creative with their organization solutions.

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Marketing is all about communicating how good your product, service or brand is to your clients.

In recent times, the rise of digital marketing means that businesses have begun to neglect print strategies.

While it is true that digital marketing has a large reach, it can lack the personalized feel that print marketing tools can bring to a business – something that many customers appreciate.

With numerous posters and flyers being disregarded by the public every day, the biggest challenge for businesses is to find new, innovative ways to utilize print media.

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to do this is to consider incorporating large format printing into your marketing strategy. Read on to find out how it can work for your business:

How do large format printers work?

Large format printers can accommodate huge files due to the large amount of storage that they have inbuilt into them.

As well as this, they can handle huge paper sizes and media of different thicknesses. This allows for a much more professional image to be printed than what could be achieved with a desktop printer whereby different sheets would need to be stuck together.

What can be created using large format printing?

  • Corporate or general use

Large format printers can be used for corporate or general use to create eye-catching posters, which will easily draw attention to products or services that you offer.

Using a high-quality Epson large format printer allows you to create vivid images on a larger scale to put you ahead of competitors.

You can also reinforce your print marketing strategy with good quality signs and presentations, that will help keep a consistent theme throughout your business.

  • Graphics

Along with their size advantage, Epson large format printers are able to create graphics to an incredibly high standard.

They are widely renowned for being perfect for photography or fine art reproduction, and extremely useful for outdoor advertising as it draws attention to the print.

If you are looking for a device which can produce realistic prints to highlight the quality of your photographs, try a large format device like the Epson SureColor SC-T5200D.

  • Technical documents

A large format printer can also print impressive CAD and engineering or architectural documents, making this task quick and easy without running the risk of a reduced quality print out.

Epson printers in the T series are great for CAD and GIS applications as some models feature an amazing print speed of up to 28 seconds, when printing in A1.

This, when paired with Epson UltraChrome XD Inks provides well-defined lines, with exciting colours, at high speeds, making it easy to improve productivity in your business.

As the benefits of large format printing for marketing are beginning to be noticed, demand for these devices is set to increase. The future of printing is based on growing demand for faster turnaround, something which these devices can easily meet.

Therefore, to avoid your business marketing being left in the past with outdated machines, it is a good idea to make the investment in a large format printer today.

The Bottom Line

There is no simple, mess-free way to run a business.

Organization needs to be a priority for business owners to protect themselves, employees, and customers. Modern office machinery offers several solutions to these individuals to help get their work in order and improve the company’s overall performance.

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