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Many people jump at the opportunity of earning good money, while some cherish the moments they spend helping others.

If you are someone who wishes to get the best of both worlds, we have good news for you. Certain professions offer you opportunities to help others and make decent money simultaneously. In this article, we will introduce you to these professions. 

1. School Counselor 

Students always require a guiding light to lead them through the darkness of ignorance.

By becoming a school counselor, you can help primary grade students reinforce their strengths by giving them the encouragement necessary to flourish in their academics.

You can also act as a well-being and career advisor for higher grade students to help them develop social and cognitive skills that are necessary to thrive in life

Educational institutions always look for qualified school counselors.

If you have a qualification (master’s degree) in the related field and if you have studied child development theory, career development, learning theory, individual counseling, etc, any reputed education institution will hire you for a handsome salary. 

2. Substance Abuse or Behavioral Counselor 

In today’s world, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, phone addictions, gambling addiction, etc, are common terms.

Several people, especially the young generation, fall into the trap of these malicious habits, ruining their personal and professional lives.

By becoming a substance abuse and behavioral counselor, you can help the people suffering from addiction get rid of their compulsive habits, deal with the symptoms, and lead a normal life again. 

You can work in any rehab center, community health clinic, or the prison system, and motivate patients or prisoners to let go of their habits for good and regain control of their lives.

To become a substance abuse and behavioral counselor, you should at least have a high school diploma along with necessary on-the-job training.

If you have a better qualification, for instance, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology or counseling, the employer might offer you a better position with a better pay scale right from the start. 

3. Medical translator 

As developing nations boast admirable healthcare services, people often move to these nations for getting treatment. But the language barrier emerges as big trouble for the patient as well as the medical faculty.

Here, medical translators come into the picture and help both sides overcome this language barrier.  

Medical translators work as a connecting link between the patient and the medical staff. You can offer your services in various medical fields, like psychiatry, pharmaceutical, medical jurisprudence, etc. 

To become a medical translator, you should be fluent in speaking and writing in two or more languages as well as comfortably reading comprehension of those languages, along with a university qualification, and be very well acquainted with the medical field. 

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4. Social worker 

If you are inclined towards serving people, being a social worker is perhaps the best way to help humankind while also making a satisfactory income in the process.

The work responsibilities of social workers entail helping people cope with the negative situations in their life. You will be responsible for drawing them from the hollows of their life and putting them in a position where they could see the bright side of life. 

Check the licensing requirement in your state if you wish to become a social worker. While some states require a bachelor’s degree in social work, others have a more complicated funnel system to filter the eligible candidates. 

5. Life coach 

If you possess the talent of untangling the most complicated situations by effective decision-making skills and other tactics, becoming a life coach is an ideal job for you.  

Your responsibilities as a life coach will include helping your clients craft their version of a successful life by teaching them decision making, stress-management strategies, goal defining, and acting on achieving their goals.

In simpler terms, you will have to help your clients carve the life of their dreams. 

Having a degree in counseling psychology may help you earn a good name in this field faster. 

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The bottom line 

You may wish to selflessly serve humankind, but you have your bills to pay too. These career options offer you the best opportunities to serve others and yourself at the same time. 

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