Now that’s something I know for sure many of you are going through.

It’s when you’re in a limiting environment surrounded by people doing the same old things, but complaining about not having results.

If you’re about to graduate, probably most of your friends are either looking for a job, or not just have no idea what they want to do for the rest of their life, but aren’t interested in finding out.

Or maybe everyone in your surroundings is already living comfortably enough, and thinks the whole online business thing is for those with capital, connections, or just the crazy ones ready to sleep in front of the screen.

Add to that your relatives who want you to be well-off and so they expect you to follow the conventional path and have a good job, without ever noticing how unhappy that makes you.

Well, let me tell you something about the people who’ve already started home based businesses, or are working remotely and living at a place far away from what they used to call home.

They were different in many things.

Not being average is a role no one around you would understand.

It means always seeing how ridiculous daily life is, how useless jobs are, and knowing there’s more to all this.

Always wanting to have a taste of freedom and independence.

Being interested in the so-called lifestyle designers, passionately reading about the people who self-published a book successfully and quit their jobs, or the world travelers who aren’t thinking of going back to corporate America because they are loving life working from their laptop, selling their services, creating information products, running websites, or doing all kinds of marketing tricks.

If you have these, they are sings of being different. And different individuals have many missions in life.

To leave a legacy, to find what they love doing, to inspire others with their brave lifestyle, to make a statement, and to have an online business.

You don’t need a single person in your life to support you in this.

In fact, if they aren’t as determined, creative and ready to hustle as you, you’re better off without any opinion from another person.

Because it might have a negative effect on you.

Imagine you had a friend who wanted to do something big online, but was lazy, not putting in the time and energy daily, not even doing a proper research and learning the ins and outs of having a website, creating a product, promoting it, building a brand, using social media, engaging readers, etc.

Then, you’d be doing all the work. He’d be asking questions all the time and want to be involved in whatever it is that you started.

He wouldn’t be a lifelong learner by heart, like you. Wouldn’t be okay with failing, and won’t take risks either. But that’s not how businesses are created.

Becoming a digital entrepreneur is a journey you start yourself.

On the way, you’ll get help from mentors, you’ll start networking, will read and listen to the life lessons of those who’ve already done all that, and will take their steps without making their mistakes.

That’s enough support I think.

So never feel discouraged that you don’t have a single person in your life who wants to have a business online and live the independent lifestyle.

That’s okay.

Maybe it’s better not to talk about that too much, but to work on it for some time daily. This way your mind won’t be distracted by wondering what others think about it, or fearing their criticism.

It’s better when others aren’t involved.

At least not in the beginning.

So whatever online business ideas you have in mind, go work on them right now 🙂