Ever wondered why you aren’t retaining your clients? There are some very simple reasons why you’re losing customers.

Take a look at the following and consider how they relate to your business.

Why You Might Be Losing Customers

1. Your business has become outdated

There are all kinds of ways a business can become outdated.

You may no longer offer a service or product that is in line with what your customers are looking for.

You may be using marketing methods that are no longer guaranteed to have much effect.

Time moves on, and so do your customers.

So, ask yourself. Is your business keeping up with the times? Only you know the answer.

2. You don’t understand your customers

Where have they gone? Why have they abandoned you? Where do their interests lie?

If you had taken the time to understand their shopping behavior, then you may have gained the answers.

To understand your clients and stop losing customers, you should utilize feedback forms and customer surveys.

You should use CRM processes, https://www.bpmonline.com/l/crm/products/platform. And you should keep an eye on the media and industry journals to find out more about the latest shopping trends.

The better you know your customers, the more likely you are to meet their needs.

3. Your customer service is terrible

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You may be rude to your customers on the phone. You may take ages responding to emails. You may be breaking some of the customer service promises you outlined on your website.

And you may be treating your customers like a commodity, their only existence being to make you money. And on that last point, that is what they are, but you don’t have to let your attitude display that.

You need to treat them like royalty, ensuring they return to you time and again.

Be respectful when doing business with them and you won’t be losing customers.

Be sure to read our article on how you can show your gratitude to your customers. And offer customer loyalty programmes, with discounts and special offers, to give them the incentive to return to you.

4. You have a bad reputation

If any of the above is true, then you aren’t doing much for your reputation.

Word of mouth spreads, so if your business is outdated or irrelevant, and if you have upset your customers in any way, people will get to hear about it.

From reviews online to social media posts, your business can come under fire from the people you need the most.

Therefore, make amends.

Bring your business up to date so people will take an interest in you again.

Apologize to anybody you have offended. Take out an ad in local media, and show people how you have improved. And consider hiring a PR agency to spread the positive word about you in the marketplace.

We all make mistakes, but the best thing you can do is learn from them, and better your efforts moving forward. That’s how you stop losing customers.


These are just some of the reasons why you may be losing customers, so take heed of the advice given.

If you any of what we said is relatable to you, and hopefully, you will start to see an upturn as your customers return to you. Let us know what you think.