If your career is in the arena of IT, then you know that you need to stay on top of current technology and make sure that you are as marketable as possible if you want to land the highest paying and most prominent jobs.

Everything you need to jump-start your IT career is at your fingertips if you follow these guidelines.   

Make Connections to Your Profession’s Inner Circle

There are always all sorts of clubs for people who specialize in IT.

Information technology people love to talk shop, and if you join some of these organizations, you might be able to impress the right person with your know-how.

They can tell you about jobs opening up with their company, and if you apply, you can use them as a reference.

Scrub Your Digital Dirt

You want to present a squeaky-clean image if you’re going to be a top candidate for the best IT positions that are out there.

If you have some questionable material on your social media profiles or elsewhere, it is best to try and get rid of it.

Companies tend to do a pretty thorough background check on candidates for high profile jobs. And you don’t want some picture of you doing a keg stand in college ruining your chances.

Beef Up Your Resume

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Some people have basic IT skills, but the best positions are understandably going to go to the candidates that are the most knowledgeable in as many aspects of the field as possible.

If there’s anything you’re not sure of when you look at the requirements for a job you want, take the classes necessary so that you can do it at least proficiently.

There is nothing wrong with learning on the job a little, but you want to be able to say that you have a working knowledge of most software programs.

Know What’s Happening In the Industry

When you interview for a prominent IT position with a company, you want to able to sell yourself and your abilities. But you also want your potential employer to know that you’re well versed in the latest industry news.

When they talk about trends in new technology, it’s not going to be a good look if you sit there staring blankly.

If the company you are trying to join is on the cutting edge, let them know that they can slot you in and you will immediately be a help to them without lots of additional training required.

Make Sure Your People Skills Set You Apart

There is somewhat of a stereotype about people in IT being better with computers than they are with people. You should strive to be the exception to that rule.

Be well dressed and groomed as you would for any interview, but try and instill the impression that you’re just as eloquent in your dealings with your fellow humans as you are with machines.

That will be handy if you ever have to court new clients or deal with current ones.

The world of IT is fiercely competitive, but if you can demonstrate that you are the best candidate for a job, you can climb the ladder.

Never stop networking and bettering yourself, and you should be able to land a position befitting someone with your talents.  

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