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Blogging has become very popular for many reasons. Some people blog to educate their communities about particular topics, while others blog as a means to make money.

If you are thinking about the earning potential of your blog, here’s some good news – there are many ways to earn money from blogging. However, it takes in-depth knowledge to know how to monetize your blog in a sustainable way.

In this post, we will go through the core secrets of successful blogging.

Successful Blogging Secrets

1. There are better ways to monetize than Adsense.

Google’s AdSense is the most popular advertising platform and most newbie bloggers flock to it. Bloggers get paid when visitors click on adverts posted on their website.

Older blogs have reported huge earnings from AdSense, but how much can a new blog really generate?

Here are the figures.

To make a salary of $100,000 from Adsense, you would need to generate around 100,000 pageviews per day. This level of traffic is very challenging for new blogs, but before you lose heart, hear me out.

However, a blog with 50K pageviews can also get to $10K/month if monetized right.

There is another strategy that can be used to create a revenue stream for a new blog with much fewer visits. Why not offer a service or a product for your readers and visitors to purchase?

You could create an exclusive paid package, containing your best tips, materials and know-how, broken down into a 6 week (or more) programme. The sales process could be entirely automatic, with a link or login details for your package sent to your customers via email upon successful payment, made using PayPal or other means.

Do you have a gift for coaching?

You could put your knowledge and expertise to good use by organizing paid interactive, one-to-one sessions with your online customers, delivered using Skype or Zoom. Through these sessions, you could coach and assist them in finding a solution to an agreed problem.

If you’ve already spent time building your audience, there could be a ready-made group of potential clients, ready and waiting to have exclusive sessions with you. Coaching is a way to monetize your small blog audience instantly!

2. No Strategy = No Profit.

Reading this far shows you are serious about improving the profitability of your blog. The next step is to identify the areas that have financial potential so you can concentrate your efforts.

This will require a strategy.

A business is established to generate income and your blog is part of that strategy.

It’s not a hobby; something to fill boring hours between work and sleep. Starting a profitable blog takes energy and consistency – so don’t take it on lightly!

Your strategy needs to identify a few core areas:

  • Why you’re blogging (purpose);
  • What you hope to achieve from it (goals);
  • When you want to achieve this by.

Clearly defining the vision and goals for your blog should be your first course of action. Understanding what you plan to achieve, and how it can be done, puts you on the way to successful blogging.

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3. Consistency is The Key to Growing Profit.

Blogging is a continuous process, so prepare your mind to focus on the steady generation of relevant content, to keep your blog fresh and interesting for your readers.

Many blogs fail because the owners do not put a plan in place that ensures the steady generation of high quality content for their blog.

In my opinion, all blog owners need a passion for writing. If you run a business with a blog, it is possible to outsource the content to other companies who specialize in writing blog content.   

You can even outsource blog management; our clients come to us to help them consistently produce high-quality content. We take the stress out of blogging, by publishing and syndicating their content so that each post gains traction.  

More Readers = More Profitability.

How do you know if you are cut out to write your own content?

A proficient writer can effortlessly create and develop the right content to make their blog stand out from the competition.

But good writing is not enough to lead to successful blogging – it has to be excellent to cut through the noise.

4. You Won’t Get Very Far Without Patience.

Income generation from blogging activities is quite a slow process. As your business grows, you will witness the different stages of progress that strengthen your blog’s influence and, in turn, your profit.

To review your progress you should carry out regular assessments, and monitor results. Ideally, as part of your daily or weekly blogging schedule.

My top tip for successful blogging is to focus on your biggest wins and replicate them, rather than focusing on the weaker areas.

But remember, it takes time to achieve lasting success. Be patient and keep working hard.

Using the right principles, you will grow and learn, and your blog will become successful and more profitable with time.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Harrison Vickers.