How to Set Goals and Be Motivated in 2018

How to Set Goals and Be Motivated in 2018

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It’s almost the end of the year, and now is the time to start making your New Year’s Resolution lists and planning your goals for 2018. Your dreams can come true in the next year – but only with hard work and dedication.

According to statistics, only 8% of people stick to their resolutions throughout the whole year… Be one of those people!

In this article, we’ll share how you can make a great list of achievable resolutions and goals, and then break down the little ways you can motivate yourself every day.

Planning Resolutions and Goals

You must already have at least one resolution in mind by now, right? Well, write that down at the top of a sheet of paper. Then brainstorm all the other goals you want to achieve in 2018.

Think about whether you want to:

…Or anything else that you’ve got your heart set on.

Remember that these goals need to be achievable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. For instance, if it’s your eventual goal to buy a house, this may not become reality in just one year. A more reasonable goal would be to set a realistic budget for saving money each month – maybe 10% of your salary.

When you’re sure about your list, you now need to think of ways to keep you going with them for the entire duration of the year. As you probably know from previous resolutions, this is no easy task.

Read on for some suggestions from the experts about keeping yourself on track to conquering those goals.

6 Ways to Get Motivated

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1. Tell friends and family about your goals.

You’re more likely to stick to them if you’ve promised someone else you will! They will want to support you and act as your personal cheerleaders. If the going gets tough, call a loved one and ask for a pep talk.

2. Set a daily routine.

Get up early. Do some light exercise to get your blood flowing (stretching, a gym class, or walk to work instead of driving).

Drink a good coffee – try persuading your boss to install a Corporate Coffee Systems office coffee machine or Flavia coffee maker!

All these things will wake you up properly and get you set for a great day.

3. Surround yourself with things that inspire you.

Put up inspirational quotes or posters around your workspace. Listen to uplifting music while you work. Watch TED Talks by people who have achieved what you want to do.

4. Make a reward chart.

I know, this sounds cheesy; we’re not 5 years old anymore. But rewarding yourself for sticking to your goals spurs you on, and who doesn’t love a treat?

Maybe make a note in your diary. Or tick your calendar, for every day you’ve worked towards your goal and kept up your resolution (like, every day you haven’t had a cigarette). If you do this for a week straight, you get a treat of your choice.

5. Practice self-care.

Take time out of your day to pamper, read a good book, and turn off your phone.

Self-care includes banishing negative thoughts: push them aside and think of how happy you’ll be when you reach that goal.

In addition to point 4, don’t be harsh on yourself if you slip up from your resolution. If you missed exercising for one day and ate pizza instead, that’s OK – one time won’t hurt you!

6. Do things that NEED doing first.

When working towards your goals, there will be things you don’t particularly want to do, but MUST be done in order to achieve the dream.

Say, you want to get that scholarship – so you need to write some long, thankless essays. Get those big ones out the way first. Lock yourself down until it’s done. Then be sure to relax and reward yourself afterward.

Now get your list from earlier, put it on your fridge, and start changing your lifestyle for the better!

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8 Tips for Women to Help Grow Their Career

8 Tips for Women to Help Grow Their Career

Why are there so few female CEOs? It’s a commonly discussed topic in the Australian business landscape, and often highlighted as an issue in society.

This has been made evident in the inaugural Robert Half CEO Tracker, commissioned by specialised recruiter Robert Half to identify common traits amongst the leaders of the ASX 200-listed companies. The research found the top position in the workplace is still male-dominated, as the majority of ASX 200 CEOs are men (94%). Only 12 ASX 200 CEOs are women.

It’s an unfortunate fact of the current C-suite employment market, with women underrepresented in top positions – a fact that applies to not only ASX 200-listed companies.

Despite this, it’s well known that diversified boardrooms with women represented across leadership positions bring enormous value to organisations and the wider business community. This is not just because of their wealth of experience and knowledge. But also because of their diverse perspective applied to business strategy that’s required for any organisation to succeed.

Whilst looking at the low percentage of female CEOs, within our Executive Search branch, we’re seeing a strong push for diversity from companies looking to hire at the C-suite level. Organisations are actively specifying diversity in their recruitment agendas, and not only just based on gender, but on an all-inclusive approach.

While there still is a long way to go for women to be represented equally at the boardroom table, it’s encouraging to acknowledge just how far Australian women have come and actively promote steps they can take to further their careers in the business world. More can always be done to empower women within the workplace. And understanding the common professional characteristics of top Australian CEOs is a great place to start their C-suite journey.

For women looking to hone their personal attributes, CEOs need to be clear communicators who are capable of both giving direction and accepting expert opinion. And as with all leadership positions, exceptional people skills are essential. By being assertive, forward-thinking and willing to take risks, ambitious women in the workplace can ascend the corporate ladder to the top job just as fast as their male counterparts.

How Women Can Grow Their Career

energy focus and productivity tips for anyone working from home all day

1. Know what you really want.

Think about what you want to achieve in your career – and why. Ask yourself some important questions:

  • As a senior executive would you be willing to work long hours and take up extra responsibilities?
  • Do you like to solve complex problems?
  • Are you comfortable as a leader?
  • And, crucially, how do your family feel about you pursuing a career as a business leader?

2. Develop a career plan.

Determine what you want to achieve, and work out a detailed career plan. This will be a blueprint that maps out your journey to the top of your organisation, allowing you to focus on your ultimate career goals.

3. Work continuously on your leadership skills.

Developing leadership skills is an ongoing process and an essential element for women pursuing a management position. By developing your technical, managerial and social skills, you are more likely to climb the corporate ladder – and be better prepared for the challenges you face along the way.

4. Communicate (more) directly.

Well-developed communication skills are essential for all managers. Yet men and women often have different communication styles.

Women usually take on a more modest tone, and often tend to communicate in an assuming way (“wouldn’t it be better”, “could we perhaps”, etc.). However, for a male audience – who usually communicate in a more direct way – this style of communication can suggest you lack confidence or are unsure about the matter at hand.

5. Take risks.

Women are usually less inclined to take risks than men. Yet this is part of being a leader. If you can prove you are willing to take calculated, carefully considered risks, you’re more likely to assume a managerial position.

6. Offer to take on certain tasks, even those nobody else wants.

A willingness to take on additional projects or raise your hand for tasks that others are sidestepping, can showcase your skills beyond your normal job duties. This is a great way to demonstrate you’re a team player, who is willing to go the extra mile for the company.

7. Do not be afraid to stand out.

All great leaders stand out from the crowd. As a manager, it’s likely you will have to make tough, and at times, unpopular decisions, so be prepared to set yourself apart from others in good times – and in bad.

8. Build your network.

People like to work with people they know. So do not underestimate the possibilities offered by traditional and online networking. Building your network can be important to getting ahead.

About The Author

Robert Half Executive Search specialises in the search for and placement of executive leadership talent across a broad spectrum of function areas and industry sectors.

By being assertive, forward-thinking and willing to take risks, ambitious women in the workplace can ascend the corporate ladder to the top job just as fast as their male counterparts. Here are 8 tips to help women grow their career