With the advent of cheaper Internet packs and the availability of feature-rich Smartphones at affordable rates, many businesses are smartly using the employees to increase productivity and boost revenues.

Some of the benefits of using Smartphone for a business include video conferencing, emails on the go, editing and sending the documents while on the move, scanning the documents and sending for important clients in a short span of time, scheduling appointments, attending the calls and solve the problems etc.

Of course, students can also use smartphones for learning and problem-solving.

1. Emailing and texting on the move.

Executives who are on the move can respond to the emails sent by customers and bosses using their smartphones.

The latest mobiles are feature-rich and allow editing documents in excel, word, etc., and sending them to the company or to an important client while traveling.

All you need to do is to buy the best Smartphone that supports applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and apps like Whatsapp, Google Drive, Skype and others.

It should have a good memory like 2GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, expandability of the memory using micro SD card, faster processor, and screen size of 5 inches etc. The Smartphone should also support WiFi, 3G or 4G for faster communication with the company and customers alike.

It is also necessary to ensure that your chosen smartphone has a wonderful phone battery life. If not, it is highly recommended to buy a power bank for seamless connectivity.

You can also edit the documents and spreadsheets using Google Docs facility. If you are in a business conference, you can reply to the customer’s text messages within one or two minutes.

You need not wait to reply till the meeting is over. Therefore, it saves your valuable time.

2. Video Conferencing via Smartphone.

The latest Android phones and Apple iPhones come with apps that permit video conferencing facility.

You can make use of the apps to talk with the client face to face and finalize the deals without having to set up a full fledged video conferencing facility in your company. It is cheaper and saves time. You can also showcase your products through video conferencing and win the orders.

The recruiters can also use the video conferencing facility to interview the shortlisted candidates. It saves the time of the candidate and the HR officials.

The best apps for video conferencing include Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Peer, and Tango along with others.

You can use these video chat apps to communicate with friends, business clients and superiors on the other side on Laptops, Smartphones or else.

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3. Synching a smartphone with a computer.

You can establish a business network between Smartphones and computers to share important messages and documents with your employees and customers.

You can communicate time and date for the conference and initiate the discussion on a particular date so that everyone can hear your message and respond. It saves both time and money.

With this facility, the executives from business units don’t need to travel so many kilometers to attend a meeting at a parent company. The Managing Director can sit in his or her room and schedule a review meeting with the production units.

Similarly, the chief general managers can establish a virtual conference with the department heads and schedule work routines. It’s very simple and easy and at the same time improves productivity.

4. Running of business applications on a smartphone.

The smartphone is a friend to marketing experts.

Some of the best productivity apps for marketing professionals are DocuSign, LogMeln, Leaf.Me, Prezi, and MobileDay. Communication apps for professionals include Yammer and Chatter.

Some of the travel apps for marketing and servicing professionals include FlightAware, Uber, Kayak, and Tripit.

You may wonder what you should do with these apps. The travel apps are highly useful for executives, who frequently travel for business. They can book a taxi using an app like Uber and Ola while landing in a city.

The hotel booking apps can be used to book a room for your urgent business meeting at a distant place in a short span of time.

You can also make use of the flight booking apps to book a flight ticket at short notice. You can also utilize apps for booking train tickets and Volvo bus tickets from the comfort of home or office.

5. Smartphones for payments.

You shouldn’t carry a large chunk of cash to an unknown destination. It is risky.

Use your smartphone to make payments online for booking hotels, buying bus or flight tickets, transferring funds online, paying utility bills online, renewing insurance online, buying a personal accident or car insurance online, and buying a movie ticket online.

Therefore, a smartphone presents a myriad of options for making cashless payment.

6. Sharing of the Internet.

The Smartphone with a 3G or 4G Internet access allows Internet sharing via tethering facility.

The Internet can be shared wirelessly with other smartphones or laptops. If you need to work on a laptop and do not have a dongle, you can use the Smartphone for Internet Sharing.

7. The smartphone as a modem.

Smartphones also come with a high-speed modem. You can connect a smartphone as a modem to your computer and browse the Internet or send emails and other documents.

You can also use the Internet for searching data sheets of components. It is a great tool for business developers and scientists as well.

8. Google maps for travel aid.

Most of the latest smartphones are equipped with Google Maps facility. The travelers, service engineers, and professionals can use Google Maps to find the route to an unknown destination.

9. Smartphones for reading later.

Executives can also use it for reading blogs later. You can find top apps like Evernote, Instapaper and Pocket for a smartphone.

Thus, there are many ways in which smartphones can help us with improving productivity.

Are you using your smartphone in some other way to boost your productivity?

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