Want to start your own summer business? You’ve chosen the right time of the year.

Summer is an absolutely wonderful time for tourism and your business to boom. Why not open a summer cafe to celebrate and engage with all the new faces around your town?

Let’s go over some of the tools you will need to be successful in this endeavor. The foods that customers prefer to eat in the summertime differ greatly than what you would serve any other season.

Here’s how to start your own summer business this year:

Necessary Tools and Machines

During your planning stages, you will, of course, want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools, machines, and products to make your summer cafe a success.

To start, you should definitely have a commercial ice maker machine. Summer is the hottest part of the year, and you will need much more ice than you would at other times.

Ensuring that you have the best machine for the job could be the difference between happy customers and employees that always have ice available, and running out of ice at busy, crucial times for the cafe.

We have some fantastic options for nugget ice makers, which are one of the most popular options for ice machines. It is slower to melt, and easy to use for a number of different food and drinks. These are also incredibly high tech, affordable machines that really have the potential to make business boom.

Besides a good, reliable ice maker machine, there are several other products you should consider when you start your own summer business.

Having coffee and other caffeinated beverages is a must, and having the option for a variety of cold drinks will definitely draw people in. Having machines in addition to the staple coffee tools like a heavy duty frappe/slushy maker is a wonderful idea.

There are a wide, diverse variety of other products that would be great to use in a summer cafe, but it will all depend on what you really want to sell. In the next section, we will go over food and drink options that are appropriate for a summer cafe.

Food and Drink

So, what are the best food options for your new summertime business?

Cold is definitely a theme you will want to stick to for a majority of your food and drink. Frappes, iced coffee, slushies, milkshakes, and smoothies are all delicious, easy and fun option for summer drinks.

For food, offering ice cream, cold sandwiches, fruit parfaits, salads, cheese plates, and veggie trays are all great options for chilled or frozen snacks. You can do any variation of these as well, and definitely, do not have to stick to the same few menu items over the whole summer.

Trying out new items, or even having a weekly or daily special can really spice up your menu.

This does not mean you can’t have cooked, hot food as well when you start your own summer business.

Items like slow-cooked pork (or other meats), hot dogs, baked goods like cookies or pies, and hot subs will definitely be sought after too. Mixing these in with some of the chilled foods and drinks from above will make a perfect, harmonious mix for your menu.

Let’s Get to Planning

We hope your summer cafe planning was aided by this article. By ensuring you have the best products, machines, and menu choices, we are absolutely sure your side hustle will be a success this season.

What are you planning on serving this summer?

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Ready to start your own summer business?