Work While You Travel with These 6 Jobs

Many of us have a goal of traveling more. We want to see more of the country we live in, or even of the world.

Unfortunately, it’s not always cheap to travel. You need to pay for gas, airfare, places to stay, food and more, making even simple trips expensive sometimes.

Wouldn’t it be great if while you were traveling, you could earn a living? Luckily, it’s possible to work while you travel and you’re about to see 6 jobs that allow you to do this.

Sure, you wouldn’t be able to spend your entire trip sight-seeing or relaxing, but it would certainly become more affordable. With that in mind, here are some career opportunities that can involve a serious amount of travel, allowing you to see the world while still earning an income.

How to Work While You Travel

1. Flight Attendant

One of the most commonly thought of jobs when it comes to traveling for work is that of a flight attendant.

As a flight attendant, it’s your job to ensure that everyone on the plane has a safe and comfortable trip, helping them to stow their bags, provide them with meals, and instruct them on safety procedures.

In return, you get to visit wherever the flight is heading, and will often have several hours of downtime between trips in which to see the location.

In many cases, flight attendants also get to fly free on their own time, making it much cheaper to travel on vacations.

As a flight attendant, you likely won’t get to choose where you fly to, but if you’re not picky, this isn’t a big downside.

2. Work on a Cruise Ship

If you’d rather work a little lower to the ground, why not work on a cruise ship?

There are luxury cruise lines operating all over the world and they require a wide range of employees to run the ships. You could work food services, guest relations, entertainment, IT, engineering and more, all while sailing the seas.

Cruise ships often dock at different ports around the world for several days at a time, giving you an opportunity to explore the location.

In addition, as an employee, you’ll have free lodging on the ship and even meals provided for you. Cruise ship operators offer different contracts lengths, so you should be able to find something that suits you and work while you travel.

3. Teach English

All over the world, people are looking to learn English. Who better than someone who already speaks it fluently?

There are many opportunities to teach English all over the world, providing the teachers with a reliable income, and in some cases even housing.

During your downtime, you get to really take in the country you’re living in, and even learn a little of their language.

Depending on where you apply, you may need to get a teaching certificate, but this is not always necessary. However, some experience teaching, or with the culture you’re visiting, will likely make your transition easier.

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4. Become a Truck Driver

Maybe you don’t want to spend months away from home, living in a place where you don’t speak the language. Maybe you just want a job that lets you remain home most of the time, but still allows you to see more of the country and work while you travel..

If so, consider becoming a truck driver.

Truck drivers are asked to transport goods all over the country, and you’ll likely get to visit some places you wouldn’t ordinarily go to.

Flatbed trucking companies are always looking to hire new and reliable drivers, so give this a search if you’re interested. Just keep in mind that truck drivers often have to go long hours driving alone, and you won’t always get time to explore your destination, as you’ll be on a tight return schedule.

5. Become a Blogger or Writer

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While it’s not easy to do, there are some people who earn a living simply by writing about the places they travel to. They do this either by writing on their own blog, which they then monetize, or by writing for major publications.

You’ll have to be a good writer in order to make this happen, and if you want to be a travel blogger, put in the time in order to grow your following.

A lot of people attempt to become traveling writers, only to find that they are unable to sustain the lifestyle.

Still, if you can make it work, and you have a way with words, becoming a blogger is a great way to earn money while getting to go wherever you’d like.

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6. Start a Freelancing Career

Finally, when you’re a freelancer, you can work from where you want. As long as you have the tools needed to do your work on the go, you can make it happen.

For instance, many people who simply need a computer to do their work – such as web designers, writers, and coders – can just pack up their computer and find a place to live wherever they want.

You’ll likely need a steady Internet connection wherever you go, so look into this before you book a place to live. 

As you can see, there are plenty of jobs that will let you work while you travel.

Hopefully, these few suggestions will get your mind working, and you’ll be able to think of a job you can do while also reaching your goal of traveling more.

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