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Fearless Bloggers is our community and membership for bloggers who are ready to take action in their blogging business and finally find motivation and build discipline and consistency so they can actually grow their blog traffic and income.

You might know the membership as Blogger Playground because I’ve talked about it quite a lot on the podcast, but now it has a new name – Fearless Bloggers – and is stepping into its new chapter.

There are changes in the curriculum coming and the price increases from July 1st, but you can still enroll for the lower one till then and keep it forever.

Today I felt inspired to share with you how the fearless blogger thinks and acts.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be like that before you join us inside the membership but it’s how you might end up being after you’ve been in it for some time. That’s my vision for it and that’s how I aspire to be. Or, according to some people, it’s how I already am. It’s a mindset, it’s a lifestyle.

Let’s dive into the list of traits of the fearless bloggers who want to take action in their business and actually grow it.

1. The fearless blogger has a vision and takes action with that in mind.


It’s all I had back in the days when my reality was completely different than what I wanted it to be. When I was still living in my home country and with my parents. And it was that vision that kept me going.

The vision of earning enough from my business to be able to move to another country. To live on my own, to help people with the content I create, to be a full-time blogger and to have time freedom as well as location freedom. To be in charge of my time and work whenever I feel like, to not be told what to do by anyone, to do work that matters and get paid for it.

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for a long time now and I’ll never get tired of it. But in the beginning, it was just a vision.

Manifesting it by keeping it in mind at all times, by taking steps towards it, by waking up early every day and doing the work even if I was working on the wrong things. By reading about others who’ve achieved that and proving it to my subconscious mind that it’s totally possible for me too until eventually my reality changed.

That vision has now grown, of course, and it changes over the years but I still have it. I set goals related to it and I take action towards it.

It’s a beautiful thing to be a visionary but there are many obstacles in the way.

Many distractions trying to take your focus away from it. Many naysayers who try to convince you that this won’t work.

I created the Fearless Bloggers membership with many things in mind. One of them being that I want to motivate you and to keep you motivated day after day to work on your blog. That’s how growth comes.

2. The fearless blogger doesn’t leave their blog behind for weeks or months at a time.

That’s one of the reasons most bloggers don’t really turn this into a full-time venture. They give up before they see results and before their revenue is consistent month after month.

But it can take search engines 6 to 12 months to actually notice your site and start taking it seriously. It takes time to build traffic, it takes time to find the right publishing schedule that works best for you, to get into the habit of content creation, to learn more about the business of blogging, to monetize and then to diversify your income.

Another big mistake is to move from one goal to another such as to change niches. Or to try affiliate marketing then quickly decide it’s not for you and move on to another monetization method when actually you have to stick to one thing to make it work.

I believe that one way to not leave your blog behind for a long time is to be part of a community that shows you why you have to keep going. Some members of Fearless Bloggers say that what inspires them the most is to watch me take action every month, the way I test new things and share my growth, and my detailed monthly blog income reports, and many of my wins as well as some things that don’t work.

This ultimately saves them time, allows them to skip some mistakes but also inspires them to keep going.

3. The fearless blogger doesn’t have it all figured out and is open to learning from others.

That’s another important trait to have in this business.

To be curious, to be open to feedback, to ask the questions you have instead of trying to guess it, to leave what is not working behind and instead double down on what’s giving you results.

We have the Ask Anything topic inside the membership and it’s there for you when you need to ask anything. I usually reply within 24 hours.

Also, I do my best to remind you that I don’t have it all figured out either and neither do bigger bloggers and that’s totally fine.

4. The fearless blogger focuses on the day-to-day blogging activities and isn’t terrified by the big picture.

I know it’s scary to hear how Google algorithm updates led to big sites losing most of their traffic and income, how AI is changing the industry, how long it might actually take you to make your first money blogging and how much competition there is out there.

And yet none of that matters. You can keep doing the work.

That’s the day-to-day blogging activities that lead to actual growth. Publishing content, optimizing it, diversifying your traffic, monetizing in different ways, getting backlinks.

That’s what ultimately leads to increasing your domain authority, getting your content ranked, earning from advertising, getting approached by brands who want to work with you and so on.

My hope with that membership is that it will inspire you to work on your blog weekly, build discipline and publish content consistently, grow your email list and send weekly newsletters like I do. To test out the different monetization strategies I share with you there, as well as learn from the blog traffic tips and the different trainings I create for you.

Not everything will work for you, but your goal is to get to what works sooner so you can do more of it. That’s when the income doubles and then triples.

5. You know you will feel like shit sometimes, but you also pick yourself up and keep taking action.

If I have to be honest, you might feel like shit for days at a time, sometimes for a whole week or even a few. And yet, you have to pick yourself up, find a way to get back to blogging.

During that time, you still need to keep emailing your list because your subscribers are waiting to hear from you. If you disappear for a long time, they’ll totally forget about you and there’s a big chance that once you send them an email again, they will unsubscribe.

You have to maintain the relationships with your subscribers and keep posting new content on your blog.

It’s what Google loves the most. Websites that publish quality and relevant content and also for that content to be fresh, which means that you consistently need to publish new articles related to your niche.

6. SEO might not be your thing, but you get better at it anyways.

It might mean investing in courses. It might mean joining us inside the community. It might be that you watch videos or listen to podcasts or just read articles.

You can start using new tools. You can do on-page and off-page optimization. You can do a whole content audit of your website.

You can find articles from years ago that have lost some traffic and you can optimize them, update them, republish them in a strategic way that allows you to give them another chance to rank. That’s actually one of the step-by-step guides that I shared in the membership recently.

Another thing I love doing there, which is now happening once a month or whenever necessary, is to update members on the latest Google updates, the latest spam policies, and just the latest big news in the SEO industry.

Ultimately, we do all that in order to rank our articles higher and for that we need to know the Google guidelines and we need to follow them.

So you might not like SEO. You might say you’re not tech savvy.

I wasn’t either and most bloggers aren’t. It doesn’t come naturally to them. You might try to find other ways to grow your traffic and some might work, but they’re not really long-term.

Ultimately, all roads lead to SEO, I believe, and it’s better to get into it sooner rather than later.

7. As a fearless blogger you face your numbers at the end of every month.

Even if it’s $0, even if it’s $500, even if it’s $8 000, even if it’s your biggest month in business yet, and even if the revenue is lower than last month. You’re there at the end of the month to gather your numbers, do a monthly review and use that data to set goals for the next 4 weeks. That’s what I call monthly blog income reports.

I create detailed ones, I share them with members at the beginning of every new month and it really inspires them. It shows them the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at my business, what exactly is happening, what I’m working on, what my expenses and earnings are from each income stream and just all the other details.

But it’s also something I encourage you to do yourself even if nothing is happening yet.

You can still track the traffic growth, the email list growth, just list the new content you published and maybe aim at publishing a bigger number of articles next month or pinning more of your content or updating more old blog posts. Depends on your goals. You can set different targets every month based on what you want to achieve and how you want to grow the income.

You need to track your metrics if you want to increase them.

8. The fearless blogger diversifies their traffic and income.

So you don’t just rely on social media or on Google. So you don’t have just one income stream and ruin your sleep when it goes down because of other factors that you can’t really control.

Diversification in any aspect of your business provides security, peace of mind and balance.

That can take years but, ultimately, this should be your goal both for traffic and for income.

Final words

These are some of the main traits and habits of a blogger who is serious about this, who’s in it for the long haul and who really wants to turn their platform into a full-time business.

If you would like help and support on your blogging journey, join us inside Fearless Bloggers. It’s where we share new strategies to grow your traffic and monetize your blog. We find ways to collaborate and also stay accountable and we don’t shy away from the challenges this business model brings, we talk about them openly.

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