The beauty, inspiration, discipline, peace, creativity and productivity one can find only in the early morning will never cease to amaze me. But only an early bird can know that.

It’s the only time of the day when you can be by yourself, do your habits, get ready for the day, and basically, choose whether it’s going to be a successful one or not.

And if you manage to stay consistent in waking up in the early hours and having a powerful morning routine, you don’t need to worry about your other habits and endeavors as it will all just fall into place.

But getting up early is the part that stops most people from making the best of the morning. And it’s what makes them give up at some point.

It’s not easy to be an early bird. But it’s also a habit that can be developed in a few weeks. After that, it gets easier.

So far, so good. But getting up early is still an issue. And here’s another approach.

In order to actually start the day right after the first alarm, we need to realize how great this habit is and all the benefits it will bring.

If you know how it helps you shape your successful identity, how more productive and energized you get, and how you can actually get more done and improve many areas of your life just by doing this thing, you’ll be much more likely to do it consistently from tomorrow on.

So here’s what good being an early bird will bring into your days:

The Benefits of Being an Early Bird

1. You’ll have enough time for everything.

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Many people wake up late and have less than half an hour before they need to leave the house. And there’s so much to be done in that time.

They’re in a hurry and often forget something. All that stresses them, ruins their mood and affects their whole day.

But if you start waking up before dawn, you’ll have time for everything. As an early bird, you’ll plan out your day and make a schedule, you’ll do your chores and take care of the way you look.

You’ll do it slowly, and will have time for some pleasant activities, too, that will set the tone for your day.

2. You’ll drink your coffee in peace.

If you’re going to drink coffee anyway, or tea, why don’t you do it when there’s enough time to enjoy every sip?

Add some music, or read a book while doing it. Create a whole coffee ritual, if you want.

These 20 minutes can be the one thing that will make you feel happy and calm for the whole day.

3. You can do some creative work.

Now is the time to do some writing. Or to work on a side project.

You can focus easily, as there won’t be any distractions for early birds. Do that every day, and you can have a book written after some time, or something big you’re working on may be completed.

4. It’s time for yourself.

No one will bother you now. You can do whatever you want, you can even just sit quietly and enjoy the silence.

For some people, that’s the only chance to grab some quiet time and find some peace before the chaos of the day.

5. You’ll get things done.

Getting up early makes you productive.

Because you jumpstart your day and have more time and energy, you feel motivated to do stuff and are full of enthusiasm.

Also, the fact that others are still sleeping, that you’re working on this great habit and are trying to improve, are all things that lift you up even more.

6. You can organize your day in the early hours.

Once you become an early bird, use some of this extra time to carefully plan out your day.

Make a to-do list, try to figure out how much time each item will take, decide which tasks are most important and choose one to start with after an hour or two.

7. You can have a morning ritual.

Together with rising early, creating a routine with healthy, positive and productive activities, is what you need to see improvement in your life in general.

Here’s why such a ritual is needed for every early bird.

8. You build character.

Like it or not, willpower must be used in order to get out of bed. It’s a matter of seconds, actually, to say ‘yes’ to yourself when you hear the alarm, and say ‘no’ to the many excuses your mind can think of as to why you should stay in bed.

Stay consistent long enough and the willpower muscle will be built gradually. And soon you’ll find yourself being stronger, more decisive and determined when it comes to other things too.

9. You have time to exercise.

Many complain they don’t have the time to exercise. Well, becoming an early bird and rising before dawn gives you that time.

Even if it’s a quick 15-minute workout at home and some stretching, it still boosts your energy, makes you move a little and be more active.

10. Prepare a healthy breakfast.

That’s another thing that usually takes time and many people skip. But drinking coffee on an empty stomach is bad. And it’s better if the first thing you put in your body for the day is nutritious.

Here are some healthy breakfasts.

That’s how the day, and the life, of an early bird differs from how the rest approach it.

I can assure you that when I get up early, I get much more stuff done before lunch. And that only motivates be to keep that attitude till the evening.
Also, I try different versions of a routine and find out things that work best for me. And, in general, I’m more positive, energized (I even sleep less now), creative and organized.

How does waking up early affect your mood and day?
Do you think it’s one of the fundamental habits?
And what’s your way to get out of bed even when you don’t want to?