If you’re a creative individual, have hobbies, have found stuff that excites you, love to dream, explore and contemplate, are a hard worker and always open for ideas, or are lucky enough to have discovered your passion, then you often feel inspired.

And you know that inspiration has the tendency to come suddenly, and in bursts.

Often late at night, when we least expect it, when we have something else to do, and when there are too many distractions around us.

And what to do in moments like that?

I say dedicate time to it, leave everything else behind for some time and follow this creative power, let it take control and create something beautiful.

That’s important as other things can wait, but such form of inspiration – the one that’s on a deeper level of consciousness and touches emotions and layers inside of you that we don’t know much about – must be experienced.

It often drains you as it uses up your creative energy. And leaves you empty, but in a good way, because something great has come out of it.

Most of the great works of art are a result of such bursts of inspiration.

And if their creators had just listened to their parents and went to bed, or to their teachers and done only the exact homework but nothing else, or to society and never chased their dreams and did extraordinary things, some of the best things the world has to offer wouldn’t be here right now.

So when inspiration hits, be there and open yourself for it. Embrace it and do what it says.

And sometimes compromises will need to be made. But such is the price of passion.

If your calling is writing, for instance, and it’s time to go to bed because you have to be at work in the early hours and many things are waiting to get done, but you feel fully awake and start writing with ease, things just appear on the paper or screen and you find yourself in a state of flow, keep it up.

Then you owe it to yourself not to go to bed, and even sacrifice your whole rest for the night just to take this creative energy out of you and put it to paper.
Others won’t support you. Actually, everyone will consider it silly and irresponsible.

But what bad will happen, anyways?

You’ll lose one night of sleep. You won’t feel and look fresh at work (although if the burst continues for too long you may find yourself more energized than expected even in the morning).
You’ll have to depend on coffees and your performance may be a bit poorer.

But you’ll just have to make it work. If you do your best, others won’t even notice that you’re not in your best shape.
But you’ll also be proud of yourself and feel like you’ve done a lot.

Also, you’ll go to bed much earlier and will be back on track the day after that.
That’s it.

So whenever you feel so inspired that you need to take immediate action and follow a passion of yours, please do it.

For the greater good.

As the world lacks passionate people these days. Mediocrity is the norm and not many dare to dream big and stand out from the crowd. As they fear they won’t be approved, and will be judged.

So you do that for them. And for yourself. And for the creative work that needs to be done.

Inspiration is a rare thing these days. So whenever it hits, dedicate time to it without a doubt.

Have you experienced such bursts of inspiration? When was the last time it happened?