5 Unexpected Uses of an Apple Monitoring App

5 Unexpected Uses of an Apple Monitoring App

Most of us may have heard of Apple monitoring apps, but what we don’t know about them is their eclectic nature.

They are more than just tools to monitor kids’ phone or to track employees during work. Mobile monitoring is aggrandizing and not for all the right reasons though. In fact, there are some quirky uses of these apps that you may not have heard of.

 1. You can spy phones.

Mobile monitoring apps are the equivalents of mobile spy apps.

Sold as “legal Apple monitoring apps”, you never know if there’s one residing on your phone right now. But that’s just a possibility that we are telling you about as these monitoring apps usually come with a stealth mode.

Sold as apps that require the legal consent of the monitored user, they are easily available over the internet for a minimal fee. In fact, some of them are so cheap that you wouldn’t mind trying them without a second thought.

For instance, Xnspy is an $8 app that you can download on any iPhone, iPad or iPod.

2. You can track step-by-step user location.

Apple monitoring apps aren’t always about monitoring phone calls, texts, and emails. Some of these apps even do the job of location tracking and that too in real time.

Mobile monitoring apps are a definite alternative to those GPS tracking devices; in fact, even better as they do not have to be carried around but come as a digital appendage for a mobile phone.

Location tracking is a sigh of relief for parents who have notorious kids to take care of. Or the managers who aren’t sure where their employees head on to during the lunch breaks.

What comes even next to location tracking is the geofencing – a real deal for parents and employers.

With geofencing, you can create virtual geographic boundaries around a person using their cell phone. For instance, xnspy allows you to create multiple geofences.

So if you worried that your child could be visiting inappropriate friends or unsafe neighborhoods, you can mark all such locations and get alerts if your child enters or leave them.

3. You can recover a lost device.

If you lose your iOS device without having the “FindMyiPhone” activated on it, you may never get it back. However, with xnspy or other monitoring apps, you have the double the chance of recovering your lost device.

But if FindMyiPhone is already there on an iPhone, why would someone need an alternative?

Well, the interesting facet of mobile monitoring is that the user of the app has the prerogative to track a device, compared to the user of the device in the case of FindMyiPhone.

Your child could also turn off “FindMyiPhone” without your approval to avoid getting on your radar. Then, you also need to have their iCloud credentials to use the service.

4. You can remotely wipe phone data.

Not every monitoring app has this feature, but you can get xnspy to remotely wipe a monitored phone. In case of permanently losing your device, your best bet is to wipe everything off it.

Obviously, this feature is already available both on Android and iOS but xnspy is for that time when you are monitoring someone else’s phone.

5. You can monitor internet activity.

Is your child secretively watching porn? Are your employees searching for new jobs? Is your spouse getting naughty behind your back? You can know answers to all that when you have an iPhone app to monitor internet activity such as this apps.

Watching over someone’s browsing history can reveal a lot about someone’s interests and activities. It may not always reflect their true personality but you will definitely come across something that’s appalling or interesting.

There is a reason why people are obsessing over monitoring apps.

It’s expected that the mobile surveillance industry will hit the $4 billion mark by 2018. There are implications of mishandling such powerful apps that give access to one’s private information and we should know both pros and cons of using them. Also, it’s never a bad idea to use your conscience!

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