7 Proven Ways to Actively Fight Depression and Feel Positive and Peaceful 70

7 Proven Ways to Actively Fight Depression and Feel Positive and Peaceful

This is a guest post by Samuel Baker, a health content editor at On the wagon – the hub for expert substance abuse information.

Depression is the state of low mood due to several factors. This condition can greatly affect a person’s thought, behavior, and well-being.

Oftentimes, people suffering from depression can experience extreme sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, and worthless. Depression can also cause one to experience several negativities to one’s person causing problems in concentrating which somehow leads to an attempt to commit suicide.

Today, this situation has become rampant in the society.

Immediate medical attention should be given to those suffering from depression. Alternative treatments can also be used to overcome this state. These alternative ways can be easily included in one’s daily routine in order to have a positive mindset and a peaceful outlook on life.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Challenge your negative beliefs.

Being depressed greatly affects one’s thoughts and attitudes towards oneself. This makes one feel more hopeless and useless.

In order to battle these negative feelings, one should challenge these thoughts using truthful and logical evidence.

List down the things that make you feel down. Evaluate each of the items and know the specifics.

Carefully analyze how these things influence and affect how you feel and think. Think of ways on how to bring more fair and balanced thoughts that will help you improve.

2. Engage in some exercise.

A good way to fight depression is to engage in pleasurable activities and exercises. This will continue the connection with other people, and is a science-backed way to ease the symptoms of depression.

You can start with simple and short activities that can bring you joy. Remember that these activities should be done because you want to and not because you are obliged to.

Little by little add more activities and increase frequency. Follow and stick to these exercises and assess the results after.

3. Do something you are good at.

Fighting depression should include increasing the confidence and worth of a person.

This can be done by doing things that you love and that you are good at. A job well done will give the feeling and sense of accomplishment.

Start with the simplest activities that are easily manageable. Do not overwhelm yourself with the tasks.

Learn to appreciate little details and enjoy every single moment that you’re doing it.

4. Don’t isolate yourself.

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Depressed persons should not isolate themselves, keep quiet, and not bother other people. Instead, when you feel bad, it is necessary to talk to other people especially family and friends who can listen and understand.

Talking about problems and opening up with family and friends will lighten the burden and the pain. Going to social gatherings can also help in lifting up one’s spirits.

Enjoy the outdoors and indulge yourself to others. Remember that you are not alone and other people are experiencing the same things that you are up to.

5. Eat the bulletproof diet.

Depression can be avoided by having a proper diet. Eat healthy foods and avoid toxins.

The Bulletproof diet should be strictly followed. This should include foods rich in omega 3 and omega 6 for better brain performance and even the person’s overall health.

Eat foods rich in tryptophan as they help improve the mood of the person. These foods will surely help you actively fight depression.

6. Be active.

Being active can help deal with the state of being depressed. 

This will reactivate the body when it starts to shut down. Doing some exercise is one way to achieve that.

It can help release endorphins which are responsible for calmness and better thinking.

Keeping oneself busy can help lessen depression. Moreover, it can help you feel more accomplished and useful.

The regarding activities will allow you to ultimately change the outlook in life as well as how you feel and think at all times. 

7. Face your fears.

Depressed people should learn to accept the truth and face their fears. At all times, people should learn to survive no matter how hard and unpleasant things may be.

Learning to let go of expectations is also a must. Facing possible rejections which cause disappointments should be carefully handled. Doing so will lead to better self-management and even letting go of emotional stress.

There comes a point in a person’s life when their beliefs and actions are being shaken. The norms are disrupted which somehow results in changes in the mental health, attitudes and moods.

This might occur on a positive or a negative note.

When negativity arises, it is necessary to immediately evaluate oneself and take action. This way, things will work out for the betterment and avoid more serious problems.

Always ensure that you live a healthy and meaningful life.

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