• 5 Tech Products That Will Help Boost Your Productivity

    5 Tech Products That Will Help Boost Your Productivity

    Being productive in today’s world is a lot easier thanks to all the technological advancements that have been made. Maybe you want to get more work done, get more enjoyment out of your day, exercise more, or polish off your errands quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a day well spent. […]


  • How to Encourage Monthly Recurring Donations for Your Nonprofit

    Recurring donations, or monthly giving programs, are vital for any nonprofit organization. Such sustaining programs are also part of any good fundraising plan. The benefits of that are many. For a start, you receive monthly income, and that’s what keeps your business going in the long-run. Such programs are quite affordable. That means it’s not […]


  • My January 2016 Monthly Blog Income Report

    How Samantha Successfully Monetized a Brand New Food Blog (and Reached 8 Million Page Views) - Top 8 Online Learning Tips to Succeed as an Online Learner

    Welcome to the 3rd official income report I’m sharing with readers of LRS. I already feel like I myself am realizing new things and coming up with new ideas solely as a result of writing and publishing these pieces. Make sure to let me know if it’s helping you. And if yes, what else you […]


  • Your Plans Are Not Yours, Nature Decides

    Your Plans Are Not Yours, Nature Decides

    A lot happens in our everyday life. At some points, the situations will require us to make bold decisions that will determine what happens next in our lives. Such decisions are often never the easiest to make, but we still have to make them anyways. While pondering over some of my growing up memories, I […]


  • What Are Real Estate Loans

    Real estate loans are the types of loan used to buy land or buildings. In other words, it’s – as any other loan – a temporary provision of financial resources, but which is secured by a mortgage. There are many things to consider before buying your first rental property. The first one being, whether or […]


  • 3 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales You Can Try Today

    How to Recession-Proof Your Business

    Boosting online sales is the paramount desire of every online merchant. Seeing the shopping cart buttons on their e-commerce platforms constantly blink brings exhilarating smiles on their faces. If you’re a merchant and want to increase your selling power, then these strategies can help. Make a Creative Sales Copy. A lot of retailers underestimate the […]