• 8 Traits of People Who Set and Achieve Goals

    7 Visualization Techniques You Can Use to Calm Your Mind

    Last Updated: Oct. 15, 2018 Just like you can become happier by doing what happy people do and trying to develop their habits, you can also change your life and way of thinking from negative to positive and start doing what people with goals do. I’m talking about the determined individuals that grab your attention […]


  • Life Skills: Why You Need to Choose Just 3 and Master Them

    How to Work from Home Online: 5 Crucial Areas to Keep It Rewarding

    I’ve been meaning to write about skills for a long time now, as there’s either a wrong perception of that, or people just don’t think too much about it, don’t have a strategy and end up wasting their talent, hard work and future. First, let’s make a few points clear: • we all have the […]


  • Interview with Ron Evans, Haiku Poet

    5 Best Ways to Write a Successful Self-Development Plan

    I’ve always been fascinated with the power of words. The art and joys of writing – that’s what so many great people dedicated their lives to. And beautiful content has come out of their hard work. Because that’s what the craft is, and it’s supposed to be difficult. It’s not just the process of writing, […]


  • The Passion Test: Have You Found Your True Calling

    The Passion Test: Have You Found Your True Calling

    I think that whatever it is we’re doing with our time, it must be done with passion. Otherwise, it’s just wasted energy. That’s because passion makes it all meaningful, creates results, helps us do our best, makes the world a better place. If you aren’t passionate about something, you’d better not do it at all […]


  • Crucial Mistakes You’re Making That Sabotage Productivity

    How Guest Blogging Will Grow Your Business

    We all get 24 hours. Some people complete their to-do list and have time to chill and have fun, others just do what’s urgent and necessary and then have time for themselves, many don’t get anything done because of procrastination and unproductive activities, but there are some people who achieve more in a day than […]


  • Discipline Inspiration: 70 Quotes to Motivate You to Develop It

    5 Attributes of a Successful Entrepreneur

    I think I’m in love with discipline. Or the idea of it. I like seeing how others build discipline in their lives, how they’ve realized it’s a crucial ingredient for permanent change, and it inspired me to research more deeply and try it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from disciplined. But I’ve come […]