• 22 Lazy Habits to Stop Doing

    lazy habits to stop doing

    Most people have developed lazy habits. Not only when it comes to working hard and exercising, or else that actually takes a lot of energy, but also to thinking, being creative, doing little things that can help them succeed in the long term. Many of us are too lazy to focus, to live now (as […]


  • The Quickest Guide to Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


    The comfort zone feels good. There you’re safe, nothing new ever happens, you’re living by someone else’s standards, and do stuff that won’t get you in any trouble (or anywhere, at all). But is that what life is all about?I don’t think so. Life has so much more to offer. And the only way to […]


  • The Daily Routines and Writing Habits of an Indie Author [Interview]

    writing habits and rituals of an indie author

    Morning routines, daily rituals, success practices, ways to stay focused and productive, writing habits… We all work on these. And want to improve them. I’ve always been fascinated with those of other people, though. And so have most of you, I guess. Because whatever your typical day looks like, there’s always something you can learn […]


  • 5 Reasons We Can’t Change Our Habits

    7 Visualization Techniques You Can Use to Calm Your Mind

    You may have done your research, defined your goals, set your priorities straight and are now feeling ready to start working on your habits. But the real magic happens when consistency is mastered. So you won’t get anywhere until you learn how to stick to a habit. The results you desire can only be seen […]


  • Beating Fear of Failure The Zen Way

    7 Proven Ways to Actively Fight Depression and Feel Positive and Peaceful - how to find joy

    Being afraid of failure is a problem we all share. And just like any other irrational fear, it exists only in our head, but often prevents us from taking any action and thus we never reach our full potential. As I’ve mentioned here, there are two types of fear. Rational – that keeps us alive, […]


  • Interview with Josh Hinds: Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

    interview with josh hinds entrepreneur

    “Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas.”Josh Hinds, It’s Your Life, Live BIG That’s just one of the things you can hear Josh Hinds say on a daily basis. And, although, you may have heard many people say it, he’s more than welcome to do so as he is an example […]


  • 5 Awesome Blogs I’m Currently Reading and What They Taught Me

    Make Living as a Blogger: 4 Most Profitable Blog Monetization Methods

    Last Updated: Sept 17, 2018 There is so much great content out there. Around 2 million blog posts are published every day. And for the passionate readers that’s quite a challenge, as we sometimes feel a bit eager to cover everything that concerns our niche. But we can’t. Instead, we can focus more on people […]